Katrina and Scott Ingleson 's Testimonial

Dear Roger!

I dont even know where to begin to start thanking you for all that you have done for us!

Planning our wedding could not have been easier. All I had to do was decide the things that I wanted, you did the rest! I enjoyed our pre-wedding conversations, instead of exchanging emails, that made me feel better about someone else planning my perfect day. I had no idea just how perfect it would turn out to be.

Alex, our limo driver, was superb! He treated us like royalty and we felt like it. Art, the guitarist and singer, added a Hawaiian specialty to our wedding and although we were not sure about having someone stand on the beach and sing, we are so pleased that you recommended him. Reverend Mak made us comfortable from the unexpected fax that he sent to the hotel, and his greeting upon our arrival at the site, all the way through our beautifully done ceremony. Kathy did my make up and hair and I am so glad that I chose to have that done. She was very friendly and professional and quickly set my mind at ease, that I would look fresh and fashionable on my wedding day. It is a much needed help for such a wonderful day. Brianna, your assistant, was also very friendly and helpful to me while the wind was blowing my veil and hair. I feel certain that her special attention helped our pictures turn out so well.

And, of course, saving the best for last, I thank you for arranging everything for us. Mailing my dress to you ahead of time, was helpful and took a huge burden from my mind and my travel. Our pictures turned out so nice and the video has brought tears to my eyes everytime I have watched it. Everything was done with such professionalism and a wonderful sense of personalization. Nothing turned out the way I expected, everything was much better! You did all the work and I have beautiful memories. Mahalo Roger!

You have my email and phone number, please feel free to give it to anyone for a reference!

Very Very Sincerely, Katrina and Scott Ingleson

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