Jerry & Shirley Friedman's Testimonial

Dear Roger, Shirley asked me at one point what it was that made me decide to have YOU be the one to orchestrate our wedding. I just told her that I got a really good feeling from talking to you and I felt that you would take care of everything... which you did... in ways that far exceeded anything I could have imagined! One (of many) things we appreciated was the time you took with us between the time we decided on a date with you and the time we arrived. We called several times with requests and questions and you were always patient, flexible and easy to talk to. I felt we were being treated on a very personal level rather than as "just another wedding" to arrange. You also enlightened us on local customs and made us feel comfortable with the choices we made. From the time we arrived the day before the wedding, you made us feel like we were your most important clients. It's nice to feel that way! We felt that everything was under control and all we had to do was show up. (Which is coincidentally, what you told us once!) Everything, and I mean everything that you had a hand in, went smoothly and perfectly and made the fantasy a reality. The limo was truly unique, the driver (Frenchy) was one of the most personable people I have ever met (perfect for the role), the minister was delightful, and you, well, you were the perfect host. And the photography. Wow!! I have never heard so many raves from prople looking at an album. The framing of the subjects in the pictures, the expressions, the angles, the lighting, the softness and tenderness of the event and the beauty of the surroundings all reflect your superlative talent as an artist and photographer. The first time we watched the video we were so overwhelmed with the magnificence of the event, the graphics and the special effects that we missed an awful lot. We have watched that video many times and it gets better and better. When we show it to other people there is rarely a dry eye in the room. Again, it is not just what is in the video that is impressive, but rather how you arranged it, edited it and integrated the music and special effects. It has to be seen to be believed. Shirley and I had been going together for about two months when she told me she once had a fantasy of getting married in Hawaii. That was October, 1991. When we decided in February, 1992 to actually do it, I think there was a fear that the reality would not match the fantasy. And frankly, I really didn't know what to expect. Roger, you made the reality far exceed the fantasy and you have given us memories that will last a lifetime. Mahalo. Jerry & Shirley Friedman
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