Allan's Testimonial


Wow - it has been a year since we were there in Hawaii with you. I have been meaning to send you a note of thanks and thought that now was a great time to do that.

We had such a great time in Hawaii - the whole family is eager to return. The afternoon that we spent taking picutres and renewing our vows was a major part of that. It is something that we will always cherish and look back on with fond memories. Having such great photos - which by the way are awesome - is great. We had one of them put on canvas and it hangs over our fireplace here in Virginia. Everyone who sees it comment son it. We than get to tell the story of how it was done. If you ever have anyone ask you if it is worth it - have them give me a call. Like I said it has been a year and I still get rave rerviews from my wife about what a wonderful thing it was - totally worth every penny if not more.

Please accept my deepest thanks and appreciation for your work. Also, if you could pass on my thanks to Rev. Kimo I would greatly appreciate it (if you have an e-mail for him that you could pass to me so I could do it directly that would be great).

Thanks for the memories.

God Bless

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