Ray & Terry Green J's Testimonial

Hello Roger,

How are you doing? Well I apologize for not sending you an email sooner, but after I got back from Hawaii I1ve just been really busy.

Anyways, I wanted to take a moment and thank you on behalf of Ray and me for making our wedding day our 3Dream Wedding2. Your efforts are truly appreciated and we are so please with everything you did for us. My family and friends were also so amazed at how beautiful everything turned out from the ceremony to our dinner at Aaron1s and I only have you to thank. So once again I thank you for 3everything2 you did from the first email I sent you till my last visit with you, it1s been a pleasure doing business with you.

One more thing the photos and video are 3Absolutely Gorgeous2 and I can1t stop looking at them. So please thank your photographer on behalf of us for the beautiful memories she was also a part of.

May God bless you for al your beautiful efforts and hard work.


Ray & Terry Green J

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