Carrie and Keith Houston 's Testimonial


It's been 5 months since you organized, photographed, and filmed our May 18th wedding at Diamond Head Park. After recently attending a large, formal, church wedding, we are even more appreciative of how beautiful and stress-free our wedding was.

When we first announced to our friends and family that we were going to get married in Hawaii, using the services of a consultant I found on the Internet, most of them seemed to be skeptical. And I admit, I was a little nervous about things not meeting my expectations. But from the moment we saw the gorgeous limo waiting outside our hotel for us, we knew everything would be wonderful.

It was so gracious of you to go ahead and make an edited video for us after a sprinkle of rain hit the lens, even though we only paid for an unedited one. I'm sure that few, if any, consultants would be that generous. It just proves to us that you are in this business, foremost, to make people's wedding days wonderful, and not just to make a buck. And if the idea of a sprinkle of rain is dissuading couples from getting married at Diamond Head Park, I assure you that the rain came and passed before the ceremony really got started. After returning to Iowa we held a reception where we showed our wedding video.

After showing it, nearly all of our guests approached us and remarked about how beautiful everything was, particularly the scenery and the bouquet. Everyone was also very pleased with the depth of Rev. Yasuhara's words and the length of the ceremony. I mistakenly assumed that just because we had a private ceremony we would have a sort of "quickie wedding" with an officiant who only recited the basics. But that was not the case.

For couples who plan on showing their video at a reception at home, I recommend that they see about renting a VHS projector and screen from a library or university. I was told by our guests that it was much better to watch a large projection than if we had just shown it on a television set. Couples considering your services can be assured that although your prices are very reasonable, they will get a quality wedding. And the best part is that all they have to do is see about getting their license once they are in Hawaii, and then wait for the limo to pick them up on their wedding day.

Thank you so much,

Carrie and Keith Houston

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