Russ and Kelli's Testimonial

Hi Roger!

I just wanted to let you know that since our wedding on August 2nd (Russ and Kelli) We have since foud out we are expecting our first child together. I already have a child from a previous relationship.

I wanted to thank you again for putting together such a fast and memorable wedding with us. I love the pictures though I have had trouble getting them reproduced to look as good as your origionals. That is a whole nother story.

But like I said I just wanted to give you another thank you and give you the good news.:) I feel like I am living a fairy tale! :)

I have even recomended you to a few people that said they thought it would be neat to get married in Hawaii so maybe eventually you will get some more business from here in Washington! :)

Thanks again! KELLI DODT :)

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