Daria & Walter Clair 's Testimonial

Hello Roger;

Just a note to let you know that we arrived safely in Virginia... I will admit that the travel went very smooth but was rather nerve wrecking with all of the Military around. Its strange that something that gives you a feeling of security can also cause so much anxiety in people.... Seeing all of the guns and such can really stir some people up... We did see an arrest of a gentleman at Honolulu airport, he was taken off of the check in line put in handcuffs and then had a coat draped over his hands so that other people could not see the cuffs.... You could however see the chains that were around his waist and he was also being escorted by two plainclothes and 2 military dressed officers......

The purpose of the note was to say thank you so much for all of you assistance in making our vow renewal so special... From beginning to end it was perfect for us !!!!! The photos capture the service so well, they will provide us with lasting memories. The flowers were beautiful and smelt so wonderful. I carefully wrapped all of them in newspaper and carried them on the plane in a special bag as I keep hopes in being able to dry them to preserve them....

I would like to send Rev. Mak a note as well, can you provide me with either an email or other address that I can send this to.

Thank you again for our very special day.

Daria & Walter Clair

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