Anita and Michael Geiger 's Testimonial

Hi Roger, this is the couple writing, who had their great wedding day on 04-04-04, organized by you.

Now back in Germany we want to thank you very much for organizing the ceremony and making our wedding day very remindful for us. It was a very romantic day for us and nevertheless it was your job doing this for us. Let us say, you did it the very best way how anybody could do it like this. Please also take our thanks and best wishes to reverend Frank Mak. His words will be in our mind as long as we live. If you are interested in some pictures you made, please look at our homepage www.geiger-michael.de/Hawaii. All our parents and friends were impressed by the pictures. In fact they didn't know about our wedding and therefore were very surprised hearing about our great wedding day on Hawaii.

Because we were so impressed by your organization we will recommend you at our travelling agent Exit-Reisen and we think you will get many more couples to do their wedding day!

The best wishes to you and Frank from the german couple

Anita and Michael Geiger

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