Sachi and Kevin Bennett's Testimonial


It is Sachi and Kevin who got married at the Hale Koa on 29th of August. I know it was kind of hectic covering all our ceremony and that crazy bilingul reception but the beautiful pictures and video proved that we were able to entertain everyone and that they had fun!

The pictures are all amazing and beautiful. Turned out just like I imagined them to be after checking your site, and fell in love with your pictures. Everyone compliments your pictures and keep asking who did such a wonderful job! I look at the pictures almost everyday like obsession and Kev thinks that I am really obsessed!

Also LOVED the video. Especially loved the part where you edited my co-worker sleeping to the sound of ukulele that we were performing, that was hilarious!! and how you put kev and I kissing in the marriage certificate like a comic bubble! So cute! Other slow motion stuff was VERY cool too and wonder how you managed to do all that editing in such a short time!! Great work, Roger and sorry if we used up all your time and got you all exhausted! (You must have been so tired after the reception! I myself almost fainted a couple of times! LOL).

We have been meaning to write thank you card to everyone but I have gone straight back to work and haven't had any time at all to do anything, so I will send another thank you card to you and Frank when I have time. but just wanted to quickly say Thank you, and for doing such a wonderful job with the video and the pictures!!

It was a very memorable event for all of us, Kevin's father has a terminal cancer and was VERY ill during the ceremony and the reception throughout the trip but he surely enjoyed our wedding, and everybody had such a great time!

Thank you again. and our cake is in the freezer of our friend's fridg in Hawaii, and planning to celebrate again of our 1st anniversary there!

Best of luck to you and will write a card when I can! Much Mahalo Roger!!!

Love, Sachi and Kevin Bennett

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