Bob & Christina Hing's Testimonial

Roger (Aloha),

First.... we'd like to apologize for taking so long to write to you! Actually the subject of our wedding in Hawaii comes up every now and then and either Christina or I would remember that we have forgotten to write you a note to tell you how grateful we are that we were lucky enough to find such a wonderful wedding coordinator to help us plan our wedding.

I am sure like other couples we were a little afraid that things may not turn out like we planned, having planned our wedding via the Internet & telephone. But thanks to you and the wonderful participation provided by the limo driver (unfortunately we have forgotten her name, she was excellent all the way to Paradise Cove our son Alex is still talking about how cool she was because she let him watch a video in the limo), the Rev. Mark Yasuhara he was so pleasant and added his own little humor to our ceremony (we liked that), and by the people responsible for providing the make-up service, our flowers and all the little but still special and very important details that made our day unforgettable!! We were especially impressed with the pictures you took, Christina has even made a wedding website and included all of our wedding pictures. She would be ecstatic if she accessed your webpage and saw one of our wedding pictures there among the others.

Again thank to you and your assistants for doing a great job, and for providing us with memories we will never forget!


Bob & Christina Hing

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