Hawaii Wedding Testimonials

Over the years, I've received many hundreds of Thank-you letters. Click the following links to view a few recent ones or click here to see all of the testimonials in one page.
Melissa & Jason Bob Diana and Bob
Amy Amy and Rob Peter and Silky
Tammy N Rick Amy Sovie Jankovsky Angelica
Mr. & Mrs. Amphlett Corner Family Paichun and Sarah
Jennifer and Mike Hayley & Dean Loyd
Jerry & Maria William Nicole Flesses
Jeff Victoria Ellen Nelson Lothar and Debbie
Dan Nicole Michelle
Jeff and Glenn Tom and Sherry Dan and Vicky
Janet Rita Cocetta Sandy, Jim, Nicole and Kevin
Bill Satterlee Bill, Colleen, and Olivia Michelle Proctor Hollins
Maruchy Cantu Mr. And Mrs. Dalati Sharon
Brianna Christopher and Pavichat Powell April and Ben
Tiffany and Chris Christine and Jonathan Debbie and Lothar
Christine and Jonathan Mike Pennell Mr & Mrs Shaw
Garth Mitchell Rita and Valdi Cocetta Latoya
Yan and Marina Garth & Marlene Mitchell Neil and Mel Bosson
Jocelyn Maria Rick and Yolanda
Aida Danielle Tina Tina and Ken
Jeannette Brown Dave and John Dayna Schmidt
Janet Sara and Jonathan Christina and Eric
Laura Linda and Kyle Yasu&Miki
Liron Storck Mari Alaina
Florilee Gumatay Noe Renee Edwards JoDel
The Henrys Layette and Tony Samantha and Eric
Cecile Stebbins Dorothy and Tamara Sabrina, Jérôme, Angie & Julian
Grant & Helen Belcher Maria Fiela Paje-Delos Reyes Maria & Shane Madak
Ashley and Matt Ron Witcraft John and Angela
Catherine and Jose Jason and Micheli Amaris and Kit
Samantha & Steve Kent Carley and Phil Beckett Alex
Aleksandra Malwina Kimiko Heather and Hernan Noceloni
Kylie & Danny Pamela and Mirko Ola Kollerud Konduktørleder
Erin and Mark Nikki Donna & Paul
Nichole and Victor Maria and Ramon Courtney Peacock
Gabby & Cesar Meghan and Carson Michelle Wanita Roughen
johnson and hannah Hannah W. Ann and Jim
Jesi Brum Letisha Dawn Glover Russ and Mandy
Kathryn and Anthony Spadaro Renee Ward Kathryn and Anthony
Rosalina and Vanna Dora & Tamas Mina
Joe & Mina Cruz Jessie and Michael Brum Dora & Tamas
Bonnie Miesner Denis Coons D. Artes~ Kelly
Richard Vance Kent and Cindy Helman Julie and Bob
Iva and Banco Jermaine & Marie Clarke Laura and Eduardo
Mike Gillan Amy Dyer Tina Henson
Jenn Al and Markus Kelly and Andrew Jurga and Jonas
Ewa Krawczyńska Elizabeth Sanchez The Walls
Ryan and Lori Carol Bumm Melisa & Loris
Dustin and Patty Sheila Samantha & Steve
Lyndon & Myla Cara & Andrew Nicola and Jason
Mike and Yuki Karina Lila Tran
Warren and Yoko Sonny Hao and Hao
Hang and Long Dalia Matt and Belinda
Mario and Tina Lopez Tom & Varita Suitt Omar Ramos
Natalie and Vadym Kathryn and Scott Xinyang Li
Kelly Dwyer Natalie and Vadym Cyra and Chontell
Shannon & Mark Dessa Owens Stanila & Pete
Tina & Justin Liza & Wesley Stanila and Peter
Chad and Jenny Filler The Olsen Family Sara Brown
Tomoko & Christopher Amr and Farrah Fahmy Kylene
Mr. & Mrs. Silva Anthony & Denise Bek & Moana Kinikini
Brenda & Denny Irina Roseann and Brian
William and Kimberly Overby Ray & Terry Green J kate
Mr. and Mrs. Coyne Michael & Billee Smith Tiffany and Pete
Julie and Jeremy Thompson MAUREEN AND DAVID ROBERTS Michelle & Michael
Vonda Dupree Alisha and Tyler Hamline Stacy
Andrea & Simone Shane Valentine Joe A Santomartino
Alisha & Reuben Austin Tina and David Laurie and Steve
Laurie and Steven Ganoe Phil and Christi John + Caroline HANCOCKS
Jody Wilson Tyrone & Denise Wilson Kay Keeler
Taylor and Dave Dunaway Karen Reeder/Schwab Jill Blanton
Jessica Hansen Maria and Panton Dan Ramaley
Kyle & Katie Teresa & Arek Joshua & Amanda Deeds
Mina Morimura Kim & Rick John
Sammy Kim Terry and Tammy Dittmer
Melissa & Ruth Lana & Jon Meredith
Gretchen Davis Randy & Debra Sando Crystal and Jeremy Whitman
James & Kristen Gill Sarah & Jason Sears Tina and Brian Crowder
Kyle & Tamara Denham Greg and Jenny Shooks Keith and Lori Suggs
Patti Enright-Harris Peter and Pat Matt and Sandy Horn
Kim & Cary Leisinger Leigha and Cody Michelle
Torre/Nagata families Lauren & Daric Parent Ko and Tou
Mickey MacGregor Allison & Tony Keenan Lorresa Kiss
Karen Atwood jackie and gary Marsha and Dwight
Alisha and Tyler Hamline Elizabeth Barbra(Szalma) and Griffin Barbra Jill Traxinger & Scott Boyd
gemma patching Grace and Dennis Peter & Catherine Caruso
Matt Oliverius Jue and Shu chris/helen uk
Amanda & Aaron White The LeVasseur's Helen An and Jun Wang
John and Helen Quinn Heather, Derek, and Maddie Bishop Kevin & Betty Ridout
Larry & Carolyn Jason and Natalie Faas Susan and John
Linda Jean & Barry Tony and Pietra
Debbie and Karl Kovach Erin and Neil Martin Jim and Becky
Val and Steve Yesenia and Frank Ramirez Jeremy and Ranna Boht
Jim Pretty Matthew and Laura Boyd Toni Bauso
Bridget and Jerry Joey and Kellie Lauri and Rodney Bray
Susan Haynes Diane and Joe Jennifer & Adam Thornhill
Jean and Kelley Donham Sharon Frick Patti Enright-Harris
Wade and Alison Williams Lorraine and Russell Watt Steve & Sheila Daffron
Elaine and Michael Bond Krista & Byron Shawna and Chuck
Chenoa & Justin Rezentes Chitima & Rick Vanessa and Chris
Maki & David Mason Robert and Lynnsie Bratton Bridgett/Damien Chambers
Brenda & Troy Cooke Rustin and Marissa Jessup Korina & Bob Mitchell
Lisa & Cameron Tullos Brandy and LeJohn Curt and Sharon
Erin and Neil Marcie and Jose Perez Debra and Murphy Jenkins
Bev Biccum Rick and Rachel Ball Chuck and Lucy Williams
Shawn & Valerie Ken and Terry Tremblay Sauri & Jim
Carrie and Keith Houston Christine Santo & Phat Ly Christopher & Branoh Marsh
John and Krista Behrends Russ and Kelli Crystal and Jarod Simon
Jocelyn and Joseph Rios Robert and Vena' Cain Christine and Joe Jarosinski
Selena A. Hudson Daria & Walter Clair Linda S. Hazzard
Tara and Jonathan Brown Yan & Dongjun James and Michelle
Elizabeth and Garrett Williams Aiveen and Morgan Jason and Amanda
Pam and Alan Ubrun Jenn & Jason Merchant Chloe and Brian
Becky and Tad Davis Martin Eivens Laurie Murphy (Eno)
Gary Johnson Cherry K. Shatzer Noelle & Orest Paclawskyj
Mike and Dinah Gray Dana & Mike Dawn & Roy Martin.
Angela & Justin Bovitz Anita and Michael Geiger Amber and Bruce Burns
Huw and Kristy Morse-Evans Sachi and Kevin Bennett DOUG AND NICOLE KNUDTSON
Nelson & Nol Jamie & Jason Gascoigne Mike & Kim Schaefer
Brian & Debbie Dave and Judy Paul and Beth Greggor
Marcine & Al Anthony Tonya and Chad Langley Brad and Amy Massoletti
Wendy and Glenn Yates Bob & Christina Hing Yuka and Eiichiro Takahashi
Thoams Foroler Don and Angela Barr Michelle and Darth
Karen and Thom Andrew and Jill Timme Leah and Robert
Jim Bernasconi Rick and Maria Tejeda Andrew and Josephine Lucas
Tracy and Craig John and Robin Ferreira Donna and Trevor Carlin
Lynda and Richard McCormick Farryl and Tracy Kamai Diana & Daniel De Leon
Erin and Eric Ellis Lorene A. Jordan Joey & Katerina
Anne-Marie and Perry Apps Tim Mike and Natalia
Rebecca & Grahame Peggy Dex & Donna
Tim & Pam Donovan Greg and Laura Deidre Greene
Linda and Xionghua Katrina and Scott Ingleson Rita and Andrew Turner
Carina and Mikael Nilsson SWEDEN. Anita and Apo Kelyan Olivia Kato and Jay MacLaughlin
Brian & Kimi Chandra and Will Black Lee and Steph
Charles and Dawn Bonner Myles and Melody Branaum Lisa & Eoin
Shaun & Krystle Jerry & Shirley Friedman Ellie and Rim Kerre.
Thomas & Minako Parker Lynda Arnhold Ashley and Stuart Snyder
Kim and John Hildenbrand Dawna & Threan Leach RON AND MELISSA ALSTON
Leia and Matt Baumer Seth & Kelsey Mark and Lisa Pinsinski
Edie Jodie and Ron Richard and Teresa Vance
Kim & Shelagh Grist Christopher and Brittany Savoie Etsuko
Ronda Gayle Harlan Kira & Timothy Brian & Sam
erin cosgrove Megan and Jared Hayosh (Heyniger) Dave and Janice
Geoff and Heather Sears Elena and Thomas Allan
Agnes Mandy & Bill LaPradd Terry Sawishin Kurko
BILL LA PRADD (Mandy & Bill LaPradd) Kristina Goodwin Mike and Danielle Burwell
Lisa and Kyle McKerrow Steven & Lacey Helmer Shannon and Megan Carl.
Greetings from Pernilla and Anders from Sweden. Alessandro & Carolina Lynelle and Keala Noda
Bill Blevins Kristina Hattie & Jared
Megan (Hyde) and David Kropp Josephine Niva and Stephen Austin
Kathryn and Robert Thomas Rachel and Darin Loris and Patty
Glenn and Julieanne Madden Sharon & Nigel Jessica and Matthew Hrivnak
Kerri and Chuck Smith Heather and Keith Susan and Hirotaka Hiwatashi
Cindy Schnirer Vivian,John,Christina,Steven Melissa & Aaron
Dennis and Christina Mielke Richard & Elizabeth Carter The Suess Ohana
Brenda & Tim Pounds Lori and Javier Steven and Mary
Stephanie and Bill Cripe Anna Sollet and Chao Le Nastja and Aleksander
Alex Rely Tamayo Carina and Mikael in Sweden Cathy Dukes Payne
Jacqueline and Guy Davison Mark Chris and Toni Stone
Donnabelle and Sophal Denise and Rodrigo Victor and Terry
Nicole and Julian Paul & Shivorn Carmen Dubaldi
John & Lisa Borsi Carmen and Karl Thyda and Jerry
Julie and Chris Stacy Robello Christine and Sam