Hawaii Wedding Services

Find Helpful Tips While Enjoying your Wedding Package in Hawaii

Aloha. Irene and I thought we would jot down a few ideas that might make your wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii a little more carefree, a little more fun with your wedding packages in Hawaii.

1) Sunblock lotion - use a LOT of it. Hawaii is in the Tropics, and the sun is much stronger here. Nothing can make you as miserable as a painful, searing sunburn. So buy UVA/UVB sunblock lotion, at least SPF 45. Believe me, you won't regret it.

2)When you book your hotel, be sure to ask if they will be hitting your credit card for the full amount of your stay when you first check in. Knowing that can save you an unfortunate surprise later when you try to buy something and your card is turned down because your hotel took your money in advance.

3) You're in Hawaii, thousands of miles from home. LIVE IT UP! Take some tours, go to a luau, get a massage, relax, enjoy our beautiful state and have fun! You are far from home so enjoy your wedding packages in Hawaii to the fullest.

4) Even though you are here in Paradise, Honolulu is a big city with some big city problems. If you rent a car to go sight seeing, never leave any valuables in your car when you get out. Keep your purse and valuables with you at all times. No late night strolls down the back alleys of Waikiki, either.

5) Hiring a wedding company like ours to plan your wedding packages in Hawaii is the best way to go. That company should take all the stress and effort out of planning a wedding so far from home.

6) Be sure to alert your credit card company that you will be making charges in Hawaii.

Of course Irene and I would like to say that we are definitely the company for you... but maybe we're not. Look closely at the websites that interest you. Be sure they offer what you want. The old saying is, "If they don't advertise it, they don't do it". For instance, you won't find butterfly releases on our site. If you absolutely have to have butterflies at your ceremony, you need to find a company that provides that service.

Be careful of companies that promise to do anything you ask for, provide any service you want when they don't actually have those items on their website. Promising is easy, but successfully following through might not happen.

And be realistic. That beach with all those blooming flowers and a waterfall with a stream you saw on a postcard does not exist. But our wedding packages in Hawaii aim to meet all your Hawaii needs.

About Permits: To be married in a park or on the beach you will need a "use permit". It is your wedding company's job to get that permit. The cost is $20. If your wedding company wants to charge you more than $20 for the permit, ask why. The permit is only $20.

7) Deposits. Most companies require a deposit to hold your wedding date. Our deposit is fairly small, other companies may want somewhat more.

Be careful of companies that want full payment up front. Why do they need all your money now?

Also be careful of companies that do not require a deposit at all. If you haven't paid them anything, they are under no obligation to do anything for you. Our wedding packages in Hawaii provide you with great services and won’t empty your pockets.

If you cancel your wedding, will you get your deposit back? Usually, no. Depending on the services or package you've ordered, a number of people will be working on your wedding. The minister, photographer, limo company, videographer, musicians. All the people involved in your ceremony will have blocked time for you in their schedules and will be turning away other business to do your wedding. If you cancel, they should get something.

8) Be sure that whatever company you hire to arrange your wedding packages in Hawaii is actually here in Hawaii. No, really. You need someone right here to make sure everything goes according to plan. Say your limo is in a fender bender on the way to pick you up and won't be able to make it. Who does he call? Who do you call? Some wedding company in California? No. You need someone right here in Hawaii to take care of things for you.

9) To avoid major (and minor) mis-understandings, be sure that whoever is giving you advise, information, or instructions regarding Hawaii is actually living in Hawaii even if it is your travel agent. You would be amazed at the mis-information I sometimes hear.

Well, that's all for now. We've got to get to a wedding....but first I need to put on my sunblock!