Hawaii Wedding Locations on Oahu

As Hawaii wedding planners, our goal is to make sure that all of our clients are thrilled with how their Hawaii weddings turn out. If you are planning a wedding in Hawaii, contact us so that we can help you.

We know how stressful wedding planning can be, especially if you are having a destination wedding. If you are planning a wedding in Hawaii, but don't know much about the region, contact us today. We are skilled Hawaii wedding planners who will make sure your day is perfect for you. One of the biggest things that people need to decide before their Hawaii weddings is where they will hold the ceremonies. We have access to a variety of great locations. You can learn more about these places on this page. Surely one of them will be ideal for your wedding in Hawaii!

The beautiful locations on OAHU where we hold Hawaii Weddings are places where we feel are the best for lovely, intimate ceremonies. We have used these spots for many years and know we can get great pictures of our Hawaii wedding ceremonies. In Hawaii we must get permits for weddings held in our parks or on the beach. Site fees and beach permits are in addition to your package.

Waialae Beach Park

This is the perfect setting for the sand, ocean, palm tree look. One nice thing is that there are very few people around where we hold the ceremonies. There are great picture possibilities here for your needs and it is only a little way out of Waikiki. Because of the shape of the Island you cannot see the sun set from here. Parking is limited so you definitely want to consider a Cab or Limousine service, especially on weekends and holidays.

Permit required - $20, included in your package.

Magic Island

This is a lovely park place just outside Waikiki. Beautiful post card Diamond Head and Waikiki background. We are able to see the sun set at Magic Island. Because the weekends are very busy with lots of people there we do ceremonies on weekdays only.

Permit required - $20, included in your package.

Waimanalo Beach / Sherwood Forrest

Waimanalo Beach / Sherwood Forrest has a more "country" feeling for our Hawaii beach weddings. It is about 45 minutes out of town, and has a huge beach area.

Available on WEEK DAYS only, not weekends. If you have a limo package, plan on $80 for the extra limo hour. There is a $40 travel fee for the minister and a $25 travel fee for Irene and Roger. Other vender's travel fees may vary.

Permit required - $20, included in your package.