Affordable Hawaii weddings

The cost of Hawaii weddings can be overwhelming. Looking for affordable Hawaii weddings, young couples are wisely turning toward destination wedding planners to help them with a stressless wedding ceremony. Doing business in Hawaii is very expensive which affects the cost to consumers. A large wedding in Hawaii costs thousands of dollars, just to rent a church for a couple of hours cost over $1000, whereas opting for small intimate Hawaii weddings on the beach cost half that price. Offering of various ranges of Hawaii wedding packages, you choose what is affordable to you.


The advantage of a stress free, romantic wedding in Hawaii, with the aura of Aloha from planners and their vendors are priceless. Married life can begin with no debt, if you can afford a honeymoon enjoy it to the fullest for it is the most important day of your life. All Hawaii wedding packages come with photographs taken by a professional photographer who captures the moments you will always remember.

There is great value in having small Hawaii weddings planned by destination wedding planners. The best advice we can give you is to contact the Hawaii Business Bureau for recommendation and ratings of Hawaii wedding planners. Many couples who take advantage of our affordable Hawaii weddings are in the military stationed in Hawaii. They are wonderful well mannered, orderly young men and women.

Our Hawaii wedding taking advantage of getting married before the years end, was Doug and Lesli, residents of Honolulu. On December 1, 2017, a lovely day at Kahala Beach, indicating a slight threat of liquid sunshine turned out to be a beautiful Hawaiian day with gentle tradewinds. Lesli arrived with best friend, May, looking radiantly happy for her Hawaii wedding ceremony, wearing a haku head lei. Doug arrived looking cool in all white mod outfit wearing a Maile lei.

A small wedding brightened with lots of colorful flower leis. Strands of white fragrant pikake lei for the bride, a green and white special lei for May, and for the Hawaiian lei exchange, a special red lei and purple orchid lei. Blowing of the conch shell by Reverend Michael Nelson and the mixing of their lives with a unity sand ceremony were beautiful. With the beautiful photographs captured of their wedding ceremony, it preserves this precious time in their life. They enjoy smiling happily absorbing this special moment as Rev. Mike presents Doug and Lesli as husband and wife. Beautiful Hawaii weddings affordable for them, and with budget money enough for a quick honeymoon to the Big Island of Hawaii. Mahalo, friends and have a great life together.


Hawaii weddings, always a love story

Every love story is beautiful, but our favorites are from our Hawaii weddings gallery we have enjoyed for over 30 years. We quote our bride, Lori “Yesterday is the wind passing. Today is a gift. Tomorrow is a promised hope”.  A very special gift of Aloha from the groom to his wife to be, bought just the morning of the wedding, a Hawaiian jewelry set of pendant and ear rings. Lori and Troy, a wine loving couple from Indiana, decided they wanted a intimate Hawaii beach wedding, to have treasured memories of a romantic Hawaii wedding and honeymoon. With so many Hawaii wedding planners to choose from it is quite a task, but we recommend contacting the Hawaii Business Bureau for recommendation.

For Lori and Troy, we became Facebook friends sometime earlier and our friendship grew into trust. It was so nice to finally meet on their special day. A intimate Hawaii wedding, a wedding ceremony on the beach of Oahu, just the two of them. Their dream was to enjoy their honeymoon and first Thanks giving together in Hawaii. The important wish for them was to return home to share their experience of Hawaii weddings with their love ones. Having a professional videographer in combination with a photographer was a wise choice.

Capturing the ceremony with sound and emotions, they will treasure the memories. Time flies so fast that you miss a lot of activity of your Hawaii wedding ceremony. Choosing our package called Plumeria Plus which included limousine service, minister, lots of pictures, sand ceremony and white leis for the lei exchange. Adding the videographer, ukulele singer, a haku head lei and a bouquet completed her total package. They chose Nov.17, 2017 for their Hawaii beach wedding at Kahala Beach. Captured by our wedding camera crew, the arrival of the bride and groom greeted by Reverend Michael Nelson with ukulele music in the background. Bride looked radiant, dressed in white chiffon with silver slippers. Complementing her outfit was a haku head lei with white and dark pink roses and matching french bouquet with color or orange, light pink, and dark pink roses. Groom looked cool and comfortable in white shirt and walking shorts. Happily they strolled hand in hand in the sand, toward the grassy altar we use for our Hawaii weddings at Kahala Beach.

Their Hawaiian wedding began with the blowing of the conch, the Hawaiian wedding song with ukulele and the welcome of Aloha from Rev. Mike. To begin their journey together, a unity sand ceremony was performed.  A emotional and happy vow exchange with beautiful rings blessed were captured by our camera crew. A Hawaiian lei exchange with words of love to each other before being pronounced husband and wife.

A beautiful love song dedicated to the new Troy and Lori by our singer/ukulele player, as the happy couple began their first dance together. Beautiful Hawaiian dance dip at the end with happy laughter.  Congratulations and Aloha. A luau to celebrate tonight. The beautiful video and photographs of their wedding in Hawaii will be enjoyed and replayed many times in their lives to come. We present the love story of the new Lori and Troy.

Hawaii Weddings, Dreams Come True


The largest gift of Hawaii weddings are the memories preserved by the captured photo images and video of the beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. The gift next to those memories is the gift of Aloha from the people of Hawaii, not tangible but very heartfelt. Most of our couples who are interested in having Hawaii beach weddings know what kind of Hawaii wedding packages they want. It creates a easier planning field for any Hawaii wedding planner. For most couples a trip to Hawaii and having their dream Hawaiian wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime dream come true. Helping couples choose the best Hawaii wedding locations and time of day to suit them can be challenging. Photographically we recommend certain times of the day for each location we provide.

Our couple today chose Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park with historic Diamond Head as the background. They decided on 5:00 in the afternoon which provided enough lighting for good images. Some couples request sunset, but we do not recommend sunset weddings for good photographic coverage. For that one shot of a sunset? Diana and Bob was so happy with their late afternoon wedding without the sunset. There is this feeling of happiness, with warm smiles and laughter from our couple as they became husband and wife. This is our reward of Aloha for our Hawaii weddings.

hawaii weddings

Diana and Bob after a long dating relationship, 12 wonderful years, she finally said “Yes”. October 26 is a significant date for them, the anniversary of their special day when it all began. The long awaited Hawaii wedding of Diana and Bob on October 26, 2017 began with the arrival of the bride and groom on a white limousine greeted by the Reverend Michael Nelson. Beautiful bride, perfection of her hair and makeover artist, wore a stylish white bridal gown.

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The groom, stylishly dressed, with the addition of his hat. A hat for every occasion is Bob’s passion. Diana loves the bright color of orange and it was a must for her Hawaii wedding day. Her nails were colored orange, her french bouquet was gorgeous with large blooming orange roses. A picture of a loving couple as they strolled hand in hand along the bay, on the way to their beach altar. Their dream is about to begin with a Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

Bob and Diana, relaxed and happy, listened to the distinct sound of the conch shell blown by Reverend Mike. It is an indication of the beginning of an important occasion. All the memories of their years together blended and became one life forever. It is this very special moment, as they say their vows of I will love you forever, that will never be forgotten. The new Bob and Diana have been together for so long that this is a extra special day for them. Hawaii weddings can be a dream come true. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us.


Hawaii weddings at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Our weddings in Hawaii offer three beach wedding locations on the island of Oahu. Although we do not favor any specific site, our choice of the Hawaii weddings this week is beautiful Waimanalo Bay Beach on the windward side of Oahu. It is about a 30-45 minutes drive from Waikiki. A friendly, little town of Waimanalo welcomes you to a beautiful, magical beach, the locals call, Sherwoods. One of the best, serene and romantic. beaches to enjoy your Hawaii weddings or Hawaii vow renewals. To enjoy the serenity, we do wedding ceremonies here on weekdays only. Gorgeous turquoise blue waters, miles of soft, and warm white sands in your toes. a panorama view of the ocean with the Mokulua islands in the distance.

At times it might get a bit breezy, with North/East tradewinds. Quiet Waimanalo is prefered to busy Kailua or Lanikai beach. Waimanalo Bay Beach was chosen by Aisa and Javaughn for their romantic Hawaii wedding on October 18, 2017. They chose our popular and affordable Plumeria wedding package. The bride and groom arrived together with their Mom and a couple of other loved ones. They are a beautiful and happy couple beaming with happiness. Aisa looked gorgeous in a stylish wedding gown highlighted by a colorful floral Haku head lei. Javaughn looked cool in a casual all white outfit. Everyone of their loved ones wore white. With the arrival and Aloha of Reverend Mike Nelson, the celebration begins. With warm soft white sand between their toes, we welcome everyone to the Hawaii wedding ceremony of Aisa Yvette and Javaughn this beautiful day at Waimanalo Bay Beach. We begin with the blowing of the conch, which indicates that something important is about to happen. The greatest meaning of the word Aloha is love, which leads to the commitment called marriage.

Participating in a unity sand ceremony, they begin the mixing of their lives. The intimate wedding vows, the blessings and ring exchange were beautiful. They have the happiest smiles we have ever seen. All ceremonies of Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals end with the traditional giving of the lei, as a gift of Aloha. A Mr. an Mrs sign appears as Reverend Mike presents the new Javaughn and Aisa. Congratulations and Mahalo for choosing A wedding in Hawaii.