7 Must-to-Ask Questions from Your Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer

7 Must-to-Ask Questions from Your Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer

Among all the tasks you are juggling for a destination wedding in Hawaii, important is to hire the right photographer. The intension behind it is obvious that you would never want to stay disappointed with the unpleasant work quality.

After all, it’s only the wedding photographs articulating the same freshness & charm as you experienced on your special day!

Usually, Hawaii wedding packages subsume the services of professional photographers. Still, you need to ask some questions before finally hiring one to get intact from spoiling e-special photographs.

Well, we can help you get a perfect photographer by listing down the questions you should ask them. This guide will help you contacting the perfect photographer to document on your wedding day in Hawaii. Let us start!

7 Questions to Ask!

Besides wedding outfits, venue and all, having an experienced and excellent photographer also subsumes in Hawaii wedding etiquettes! Hawaii has a giant scenic beauty that can be captured amazingly by using some ace tactics. But to add glitter and make it speechless, here are some questions you must to your photographer:

1. Since when have you been in this profession of photographing weddings?

Here your focus shouldn’t be on general photography. No! I am harping on it because there’s a huge difference in general and wedding photography. Can they handle the 8-hour photography stress of a wedding?

Moreover, understanding flows of the day, special posing of bride & groom, covering their entries the venue, their side poses, and capturing special moments are completely different from normal photography. So it’s a question worth asking as experience matters!

2.What Editing Style Do You Prefer?

You should have an idea of how your wedding pictures will look like! Amid varied editing styles, dark & moody, vibrant, airy or light, etc. are very famous. So, you can ask it to judge what you should expect!

3.Have you Taken Insurance?

Insurance is a must so as this question to ask is. Insurance is a cover or protection from any equipment lost during the wedding. Also if the photographer doesn’t have it then it’s a sign that clears he is new to the business or doesn’t take his work seriously, so you should opt for another one.

4.What does Your Package Include?

You must know what you are going to pay for! So, get details about all the services like prints, albums, digital files, and all. Also, the number of images, videos, and quality are some aspects you can ask.

5.Do You Have Backup?

It is worth asking for plan B or C that your photographer has if he stuck anywhere on your special day. You can’t take a risk of simply resorting to one option. So, make sure everything has been set up in place and have backups too!

6.Do you have Extra Equipment?

Besides knowing for backup of the photographer itself, you should also ask for whether he has a backup for equipment or not!

What if, his camera got broken on the very day or any gear is creating trouble? So, it’s always good to go safe by preparing for emergencies in advance!

7.Why should I Hire You only?

Well, this is a must to ask questions. Why not prefer other photographers? What is the specialty of your photographer? Besides having the same lenses, gears, and all, every photographer has some unique skills that you must know!

You must have an idea of how he can make your photos look unique and fantastic!

Which Hawaiian Island is the Best for Photography?

From Hawaii’s rugged beauty to marine life, Hawaiian Islands encase everything to relish. You can happily capture remarkable images there and appreciate the Hawaiian beauty. Though the whole Hawaii wedding venues are astounding, you should know the perfect ones for your wedding.

Each island has something to make your day memorable. Let us head towards the best islands and their best places in this regard!

  • Kauai Island- Surf Song and Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens
  • Big Island- Kona Beach Bungalows, Puakea Ranch
  • Maui Island- Olowalu Plantation House, Kukahiku Estate, Haiku Mill
  • Oahu Island- Haiku Gardens, The Dillingham Ranch, Waimea Valley

These all islands can bestow you the best experience ever and you will love being captured there on your special day. Still, if you want to know the top island for a wonderful wedding experience then I would suggest Kauai Island!

Kauai beach and even many Kauai spots are secluded ones brimmed of nature’s beauty. Its mountain cliffs and even every place have its own specialty that everyone admires by heart.

Did You Inquire from Your Wedding Photographer?

It’s important asking questions before hiring the one. The photographs are required to be captured and documented well as these will be hanged on your walls for years.
We hope we guided you well to pick the appropriate photographer along with choosing the best island for wedding photography. In case of any questions, just feel free to ask us anytime.

Happy Wedding!

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What Requirements You Must Fulfill to Get A Hawaii Wedding License?

Hawaii Wedding License

Many dreamt about Hawaii elopement and do planning to make their day memorable with all their special attempts. Hawaii is the most gorgeous island that can make your wedding elegant & memorable.

Either it’s your simple wedding plans or you are desirous of grand commemorations at the beach, Hawaii wedding packages hold every surprise to elate you the most. So if you are planning for it then you must apply for Hawaii wedding license at very first.

We have compiled up here various questions that people usually have regarding Hawaii’s wedding license. Get all the details here!

Who can marry in Hawaii? Can Foreigners, too get married there?

Of course yes! Anyone can have a ravishing Hawaii elopement provided they have completed all legalities. Know the requirements!

  • Marriage License is a Must

For a dreamy wedding in Hawaii, you just need a valid Hawaii wedding license. You need to complete the basic requirements and furnish details for getting it, such as legal consent from parents, judge of family court when the age of spouse is less than 18 years of age, and other required documents.

  • Licensed Marriage Performers

To perform the marriage ceremony, you need to find a licensed marriage performer.

  • Find the Island for Your E-Special Day

Explore Hawaii deeply and learn about the specialties of islands. For a lively atmosphere, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Big Island is most suitable.

  • Contact Wedding Professionals

Hawaii wedding professionals are must to consult and take their services for a hassle-free and cordial wedding ceremony. Talk about Hawaii wedding packages and check what services they are ready to offer at what price. Pick the one suiting your budget the most.

This way, anyone can make their wedding most special in Hawaii.

How to Obtain a Hawaii Wedding License?

It’s necessary to fulfill all the required details and follow rules to get a Hawaii wedding license. By fulfilling it, you can easily get a license to tie a nuptial knot.

  • As already mentioned if the age of any of the spouses is below 18 years then they have to collect some extra documents like written consent of parents, written approval of family court’s judge and all.
  • Fill the application form from the state marriage license office. Blood tests are not essential for it. Moreover, if any of the partners is divorcee then its date & location is required to be mentioned in this application form, you are going to fill.
  • The copy of driver license and ID proof is also required to be attached if age is 21 or above.

So you need to fulfill all the required information first by reaching a marriage license office or consult a professional marriage consultant.

How to Meet Hawaiian Marriage License Agent and Fix an Appointment?

Contacting a marriage license agent is quintessential. Before arriving on an island, it’s important calling him and sharing all details. There are a barrage of Hawaiian wedding license agents. You can count on any reliable one.

You need to pay a fee for it, show driving license and passport, complete paper application, and other requirements. Here also Hawaii’s wedding professional can help you out and make the processing so easy for you.

What Documents are Required for Hawaii Elopement?

The required documents are necessary to be presented for Hawaii elopement. The applicants need to submit the required approvals and consents in writing to get a marriage license. Though we already have told you about documents, here’s a brief of it!

  • The minimum age is 15 years to get married. If the couple or any partner is of 15 years or less than 18 years then written consent by their parents is necessary. Besides written approval by a family court’s judge is needed to be submitted.
  • 18 years is the legal age to marry
  • Blood tests, residency proof, and any witnesses are not required to get married.
  • Official application is required to be filled either online or offline.

A marriage license obtained after presenting above mentioned documents remains valid throughout Hawaii.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Marriage License in Hawaii?

It just takes three weeks to get a wedding license processed. In three weeks of your wedding, you get it right away. Plus it might take some extra time for a certified copy that is mailed to you.

Usually, after marriage, 60-120 days are quoted by the state to deliver a marriage license. If you want it sooner, then it’s possible to access it online and contact the Hawaii wedding professional for it.

For How Long Does A Hawaii Wedding License Remain Valid?

It’s valid throughout the state for just 30 days. After completing 30 days including the issuance date, it becomes null & void automatically.

This was all about the requirements you need to fulfill for getting a Hawaii wedding license. If you still have any query, then reach us and get it resolved at a moment’s notice.

Good day!

Hawaiian Wedding Etiquettes You Must Follow for a Perfect Wedding

hawaiian wedding etiquettes

So you are planning for your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event in Hawaii that surely needs special considerations for many of the aspects. Besides the incessant stress for gifts, guests, and all imperative parts that make it complete, it also needs due consideration and time for the best Hawaii elopement.

Well, if you are wondering about wedding etiquettes in Hawaii, then you are surely at the right place. We have compiled up a narrow list covering all-important do’s & don’ts you must follow to plan your special day the most romantic place.

By paying attention to these etiquettes, you can make your good time, the greatest one! Have a look!

hawaii wedding cost


The wedding ceremony is the basic & major consideration you must take care of. Lei flower is the traditional Hawaiian flower that symbolizes the respect & love. The bride & the groom both wear it along with the wedding members. Usually, they exchange it in the ceremonial beginnings at Hawaii wedding venues and resorts.


Amid all outfits, usually casual wear is preferred, the groom in aloha shirt and bride in loose gowns. However, they can prefer wearing formal outfits too. You will get more clarifications further in this article.

Symbolic Traditions

There are a good majority of traditions followed in Hawaiian wedding Oahu. Amid all those, one is a koa wood bowl tradition in the ring ceremony. With a ti leaf, the bowl is dipped in water and then it’s water is sprinkled over rings, thus giving love & peace message.

Lavish Feast

The special day surely deserves to be celebrated with the finest kind of music & dancing. It adds an amazing spark to the wedding day of the newly-wed couple.


The small gatherings with friends & families make the day more joyful. If you planned a Hawaii wedding on a budget and if you can afford guests’ visit, then don’t forget giving memorable gifts to them too. It’s one of the Hawaii etiquettes to give gifts to your wedding attendees.

Moreover, Hawaiian ring blessing, Oli Aloha, language, and many other aspects constitute Hawaiian etiquette one must know about.

Essential Tips for Choosing Bride & Groom’s Wedding Attire!

hawaii wedding dresses

Well, if you have ever observed Hawaii elopement, you will see how casual they appear! While choosing the dress codes, either they are going for casual or formal wear, the important thing is they should complement each other and don’t clash on attire styling. Though there’s no rule for dressing up instead of a vision or your outlook for your special day, here we are sharing some tips to take your confusion at bay regarding what you should wear on your Hawaii wedding!

Formal Wear- Tuxedos and Gowns

For a complete formal look, this is the best way you can get ready. Donning a ballgown by lady and tuxedo or suit by gentleman can make your wedding more classy and elegant.

Semi-Format Styles- Slacks and more casual gowns

Don’t feel comfortable in formal wear? No worries! You can opt for more casual wedding gowns or dresses in off white or white color. The groom can choose wearing
casual trousers or slacks with a collared button-down. Besides you can wear a bow tie without a jacket or can wear a jacket without any tie, also give a semi-formal look.

Casual Style- Khakis and Sundresses

For the most comfortable wedding, you can pick any dress that suits your personality. Groom can go for khakis, a short-sleeve button-down, aloha print shirts, and alike patterns. Brides can choose sundresses of light shades made with cooler materials.

Hawaiian Dress Ideas from Traditional to Modern

Hawaiian dress styles stand out from the world, either you contemplate traditional or modern ones. The elegance that it bestows multiplies when the bride stands against blue waters and golden sand!! Here are some ideas we have compiled to acquaint you with traditional & modern styles!

Traditional Attires for Hawaiian Weddings

The traditional attires consist of a wide array of styles subsuming, Holoku gowns, loose-fitting dresses usually pronounced as Muumuu, colorful printed designs, and many more. Even these options further carry divisions in styles that one can opt for as per their interest.

Among these options, Holoku gowns are hard to find easily, and one has to get it ready (if you prefer this one). However, other options are still available easily, and even you can get it prepared by adding your preference. The printed dresses are the exception to Hawaiian traditions as usually people prefer wearing white or off-white colors the most. However, it looks astounding with tropical prints or other flowery prints on the bride’s gown.

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Modern Attires for Hawaiian Weddings

The modern outfits bestow you complete freedom to opt for your style. Whether it’s a casual halter, short & strappy outfit, or princess style gown, you can opt to wear any of these styles that you feel comfortable & best as per your interest. Amid these, casual halters are back-baring & quite daring to wear. However, princess wear is more formal, filler, and comfortable too. And if you love wearing short dresses, then surely that option would be good to go! It’s all up to you!

Hope you got where you should start! Happy wedding!

Wondering How to Prepare for Destination Wedding in Hawaii after COVID-19 Pandemic? Get All About It Here!

How to Prepare for Destination Wedding in Hawaii after COVID-19 Pandemic

The wedding industry is one such domain that had been untouched of the worst recessions and inflations in history. As regardless of the falling or rising economies, marriages would happen. But, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced people to postpone their weddings. Those who wanted to celebrate their dream-day as a destination wedding had to change their plans as travel across the world is banned. But, as the old saying goes, weddings are fixed in heavens, Hawaii’s wedding industry is all set to bloom again with dreamy Hawaii elopement as the pandemic ends.

How Wedding Industry is dealing with COVID-19?

According to the surveys, about 70-80% of marriages have been postponed, essentially international weddings. Well, patience makes everything better. People are not planning their weddings for now, which is a great sign of heavy losses to the wedding industry. But the best part is digital media is bringing the best results and might become the best source for wedding planners for collaborations with clients and fixing the wedding arrangements going to hold after this pandemic.

Now, the couples would have more time to envision their themes, outfits, venues, and destinations for their weddings. Thanks to the internet, wedding planners are in touch (of course, not physically) with soon-to-wed couples and assisting them in finding and deciding the best for them. Hawaii’s wedding venues and resorts are ready to throw an unforgettable treat for your closest friends and families after the COVID-19 bans would be lifted. The industry is quite well dealing with the situation and has made big plans for the future as well. Hopefully, everything will be on the line!

Planning Hawaii Wedding after COVID-19?

Image Credit: wedaloha.com

If you are planning your destination wedding in Hawaii after COVID-19 times, here we have some tips that would make your job easier. You surely need to stay aware and adopt precautions even after this emergency period, like wearing masks during flights and even after it and following all those precautionary steps that are recommended during this period.

Once your flight lands in Hawaii, make sure you rent a car to explore the best Hawaii wedding venues and resorts on the island. You can also book an Uber or Lyft transport, while car and bike renting services are also available in Hawaii. The next thing to consider is the weather. Though Hawaii remains like a paradise throughout the year, the months from June to October are counted in the season of summer here. Some parts of the island are always rainy. You should book your guest’s travel at least three months in advance, as in peak seasons the travel costs are generally higher. If you ask about the time of the wedding, it is recommended to fix your big-day in non-holiday weekdays. In weekends, there are comparatively large gatherings of tourists and locales, so if you want to enjoy the solace and privacy, then avoid the weekends.

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To accomplish your Hawaii destination wedding dream, you would have to apply for a Hawaii wedding license. If you are 18 or above, you can apply for this. For this license, you would have to provide a valid ID proof like DOB certification or a driver’s license. The head office for the marriage license is situated in Honolulu on Oahu, and you can also apply in Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island via agents. This marriage license has validity over 30 days and permits you to wed on an island in Hawaii.

What makes Hawaii’s wedding popular in the world? Choose the Place by Considering Hawaiian Beauty!

It is the island’s marvelous mountainous view. So, make sure you find a place that is surrounded by lush green gardens, tropical beauty, and the one that can offer a mesmerizing pink-purple sunset for your wedding photography’s backdrop. Your Hawaii wedding might be a sober ceremony in the beach’s shining sand if you have a tight budget, or you can make it grand by spending big money and have it organized in big wedding venues and resorts.

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Fix Up, Guest List!

Then you need to decide the guests on your list. Your wedding planner can help you in estimating the budget per guest for the party and stay. For the beach venues, you can invite more people as such venues are grand and have a huge capacity to welcome your special guests. Also, don’t forget to inform your guests to carry along their valid IDs and other important documents. If any of them is having any serious medical condition, ask him to bring his medical history as he visits Hawaii.

Hopefully, you find it informative and feeling relaxed after knowing some silver lining for your destination wedding in Hawaii. Do share your views with us, what plans do you have!

Happy Wedding!

Hawaiian Wedding On The Cards? Here Are The Top 5 Wedding Venues And Resorts That You Can Book For Your Big Day There

hawaii wedding venues

On a scale of excited to giddy, how pumped up are you for having your dream wedding in Hawaii? Well, destination weddings are always exciting as there are so many things to explore and feel good about. And, when it is Hawaii, things definitely get more thrilling. So today, we will help you find the best spot to say your ‘I do’ in this paradise.

Some of the best Hawaii wedding venues are listed here for you to choose from.

1) Maui

If you are looking for a romantic getaway as your wedding destination then Maui will get your spirits soaring. With the best beaches of the world and the most scenic waterfalls with rainbows as the backdrop for your wedding, what else could one ask for? Imagine yourself wearing leis and enjoying Hawaii wedding traditions on a beautiful beach with your loved ones. It’s time that you turn this into reality. With some of the popular resorts to book here, Maui is definitely a place to get your wedding arrangements on.

2) Kualoa Ranch, Oahu

This scenic ranch with its lush green rainforests and valleys that lead to a private secluded beach has been a major attraction for all things Hollywood and has been in movies and shows like 50 first dates, Lost, Hawaii-O-5, and many more. So, yeah, if you plan on gifting yourself a wedding of your dreams then this is one of the best Hawaii wedding venues. There are several scenic spots available for you to choose from within the 4000 acres of this family-owned ranch since 1850. Venues like these definitely make for some amazing wedding spots and add to the magnificence of your Big Day.

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3) Four Seasons Resort, Lanai

Ideas for a destination wedding in Hawaii definitely include this unparalleled luxury which only a selected few can afford given its high demand and preference. Right from the luxury of exchanging your vows on the soft, white sands of the Hulopoe beach and then catering to a private party in the Botanica and Cascade’s garden patios, you truly can enjoy grandeur at its best. If you are thinking of hosting a lavish wedding party, then there’s no place better than this.

4) Mauna Lani Luxury Resort

If you are looking for the best time to visit Hawaii for a wedding then you would want to go for a place that caters the same all-round the year. This newly opened resort has been a highlight for all those wanting to enjoy the comforts of a resort and still being in close touch with nature. So, if you are looking forward to holding a traditional wedding with an urbane crowd then this venue is the perfect place for you. With everything on point, this is the perfect place to confess your feelings to your beloved with an “I do.”

5) Palauea Beach

If you are looking for a budget wedding in Hawaii but definitely do not want to comprise either on the scenery nor the vibes that come with a wedding in Hawaii then Palauea beach makes for the perfect venue. White sand, sparkling blue water, and unobstructed view of the beauty of Hawaii is what make this place special. How about making memories that will last you a lifetime at such a beautiful place with your family and friends? Yes, this is the kind of place it is.

So, here’s our list of the best places to be wed in Hawaii. However, let’s not forget that it’s Hawaii, so whichever place you choose, it will be as beautiful as any. With a number of hot spots to pick from, Hawaii would never disappoint you. From celebrations as grand as you want to as simple as it could be, there’s nothing that this Island state can’t arrange for you.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime events and when it is a destination wedding, it becomes more special. Thus, consider everything right from your budget to the kind of arrangements you want and then finalize from the best Hawaii wedding venues that can rightly fulfill your Hawaiian wedding dreams. You can explore a range of budget-friendly ideas for a destination wedding in Hawaii.

Just do it right for a fun time in Hawaii and a happy wedding.

Best 3 Ideas For An Awesome Destination Wedding In Hawaii

Ideas For An Awesome Destination Wedding In Hawaii

Hawaii – one of the most popular wedding destinations that features a number of beaches and luxurious resorts. A perfect place to say that three magical words and to be with someone for the rest of life! This paradise on earth offers endless opportunities to ideate and execute your dream wedding the way you have always wanted.

So whether you’re planning a casual wedding or dreaming of a Hawaiian-style destination Hawaii wedding, Hawaii can accommodate all your needs. All you need is an idea and a sufficient budget to get married in Hawaii. Having said this, here are some wedding styles and ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding in Hawaii.

•Casual and Intimate Wedding: A small and intimate wedding gives you the option to choose the desired location and also customize the preparations according to your preference. Rather than choosing a big resort or premium hotel, you can organize your wedding in country barns, small restaurants, garden or a beach-side island. Since your guest list is small and only covers your near and dear ones, it will perfectly fit into a small budget. Additionally, you can arrange an exotic meal with exquisite beverages for your guests, which will make the occasion more cozy. To make things more exciting, you can keep a local dress code with mens Hawaiian shirts and women Aloha dresses. Undoubtedly, such a wedding arrangement will let you share some beautiful and close moments with your family and friends amidst the beauty of Hawaii.

•Traditional Hawaiian Wedding: With a vibrant history and rich indigenous culture, the traditional Hawaiian wedding has its own warmth and beauty, which attracts several couples from around the world. The beautiful raw settings, picturesque landscape, and native culture are sure to make your D-day an unforgettable experience. Following the Hawaiian rituals at your wedding will impart it a fresh look. This covers a wedding arch, two fresh flower leis, Hawaiian conch shell blowing, and a Hawaiian lei exchange ceremony. Further, including Hawaiian wedding flowers such as orchids, pikake, haku, and Plumeria or boutonniere into your big day decorations will create a perfect cultural impact. Giving a perfect finale to your Hawaiian wedding, you can serve traditional Hawaiian feasts like kalua pig, mochiko chicken, huli-huli chicken, mahi-mahi, laulau, lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice, poi and haupia followed by beer, champagne and sparkle cider, which will complete the reception dinner perfectly. So it can be a great way to get married in Hawaii, which you’ll definitely cherish for years to come.

•Beach Wedding: If there’s heaven on earth, it is Hawaii. All thanks to its beautiful turquoise waters, golden sand, mountains, crashing waterfalls and picturesque islands. Hawaii has a number of beach wedding destinations such as Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Honolulu, and Molokai. Hosting your wedding ceremony on the beach eliminates the cost of decoration and allows the couple to spend more on dining. Also, to make it an easy and fun-filled Hawaii beach wedding, the choice of a couple dress can be kept simple. The groom can opt for colorful men’s Hawaiian shirts paired with linen pants while the bride can go for a floral-printed long gown. And, the team bride and groom can dress up accordingly to match the occasion.

However, if you think all this to be a tiring job, consider hiring a professional. Their finely curated wedding packages cover everything right from the decoration, location to music. For instance, their exclusive Oahu wedding packages offer flawless design themes, Hawaiian music, native tropical floral bouquets, reception dinner, photography, artistic video storytelling, and other event coordination services. Likewise, all the packages have something different to offer in addition to basic services.

Well, seems like a lot of information. Hope, this will help you plan an amazing wedding in Hawaii. But before you plan, consider the climate and weather of Hawaii. The best time to visit Hawaii is in April, May, September, and October because the weather is good, it’s not much crowded, and you get fair deals in these months.

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In short, the vibrant culture, breathtaking sceneries, natural beauty, and consistent support from top-notch wedding planners is what makes Hawaii simply the best.
Let’s get hitched in Hawaii!

Marking The New Beginnings With A Vow Renewal Ceremony

Vow Renewal Hawaii

Vow Renewals is among the trending celebrations in the 21st century where the couples honor the strength of their union and make new promises for the next beautiful years. Amidst beautiful themes and friends and family, the couple celebrates their bond of love of so many years. And, since Hawaii is considered to be the best destination for love birds, many middle-aged couples go for vow renewal Hawaii to make the most of their day of love. It is the ceremonies like these that strengthen our trust in the institution of marriage while setting a good example before the next generation.

So if you are planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary differently this time, vow renewal can make things interesting for you. Here’s all you can do to make it a big hit amongst your friends, family, and children:

Choose Your Anniversary Date For The Celebrations: Pairing your vow renewal with a milestone anniversary such as 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage is a wonderful feeling. There’s nothing better than holding vow renewal on anniversary date which will bring back happy memories of the day when you first exchanged the rings and vows. You can also surprise your spouse by proposing him/her with a ring and fall in love all over again.

•Include #New-wedding-trends: If your wedding was before the days of Facebook and Instagram, then vow renewal Hawaii can make things more fun. Going with the latest trends, you can go for hashtags or live videos which will add more fun to your ceremony while giving you the chance to curate happy memories. Opting for exclusive budget-friendly Hawaii vow renewal packages will be an added plus as they come packed with services like photography and videography to capture the beautiful moments of your special day.

•It’s The Location That Makes All The Difference: When it comes to a vow renewal Hawaii, two options can truly set the tone for your day – A beach arrangement or a waterfall amidst lush greens. However, it totally depends on the kind of renewal you want, your budget, and the guest list. For a beach vow renewal, the Hawaiian Islands like Oahu, Magic Island and Waialae Beach Park are the perfect destinations. And, topping it up with Hawaii wedding traditions like Lei exchange and a conch shell blowing will take it to another level. So before you head towards your chosen Hawaiian location, it is always recommended to have some helpful tips about Hawaii wedding, which will make your ceremony more fun and exciting.

•Involve Your Children: Your children are the most important people in your life and what can be better than sharing this special moment of love with them. Renewing your wedding vows with them will take you back into the time when you two just started off this journey. It will reflect where you have been and where you are going. You can make it extra-special with matching attire with your kids. If your kids are old enough, you can make them ‘man/maid of honor’, and if they’re young, they can play the role of ‘Ring-bearer’ or ‘flower-child’.

Why Wedding Vow Renewals?

•Remembering / Rewriting Your Vows: Re-promising the vows on a special day can take you back into the time when it all started and how was the feeling when you first got committed to the love of your life. In fact, reading and committing the original vows can be the perfect way to remember that time as to why you chose each other and how much you love your mate. A vow renewal Hawaii will signify the beauty of your love, when you’ll say, “I still do” on this heaven on earth.

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•Express Your Love: If you want to express your love and gratitude in a grand way, then the vow renewal will surely impress your sweetheart. After years of marriage and the ups and downs that you’ve gone through, renewing vows can be the best way to express your love for each other. And, going for vow renewal Hawaii will simply act as an icing on the cake- an excellent way to appreciate the strength of your relationship and experiencing those butterflies all over again.

Cheers To The New Beginning: Marriages can be challenging. Many couples face complications or go through various struggles. But the best part is, they decided to be in it together and overcame all odds. So vow renewal is the powerful way to tell the world that despite everything, how you stood strong by each other and made things beautiful.

Take time to appreciate your beloved. Tell him/her how much you love him/her. Just surprise them with a vow renewal ceremony and rekindle that love once again.

Marriages are beautiful, you just have to appreciate each other more often to feel that love, care, and respect!

Add the Touch of Hawaiian Wedding Traditions to Make Your Special Day the Memorable One!

The Hawaiian islands can easily hook you up with its flourishing scenic beauty and amazing culture. Especially when it comes to weddings, then every one of us starts dreaming about taking a long sabbatical and get a destination wedding planned there. The Hawaiian wedding traditions can surely be the icing on the cake.

Besides the locals, the visitors also prefer their wedding to get the spark of Hawaiian wedding traditions that makes their moments extra-special. Fortunately, we have collected those best Hawaiian wedding traditions that are usually followed in Hawaii weddings, and you can surely embrace them too.

Go through it!

The Tradition of Lei Exchange

A valuable ridge to the Hawaiian wedding traditions is the fragrant flower, Lei. Lei is a garland of flowers. Leaves, ferns, seeds, fruits, or nuts, etc. Instead of exchanging the rings, Lei is exchanged between the bride and the groom. It’s a circle without having an end or beginning that manifests the endless beauty & eternal love found in married life. The bride and groom place the Lei over shoulders and heads of each other. This Hawaiian wedding tradition means they promise to each other that they both will always be there for each other with their endless love forever.

The Tradition of Conch Shell Blowing

It is the way to initiate the ceremony in Hawaii. Also, it is blown at the end of the ceremony. As per the Hawaiian wedding traditions, the blower blows it in all the four directions to announce the importance of the occasion and represent each of its elements subsuming fire, air, earth, and water to witness this special event. Usually, it is either blown in very starting, or even it can be a symbol that the bride has started walking down the aisle. Though this Hawaiian wedding tradition is not performed in each of Hawaiian weddings, numerous people begin their ceremony by blowing the conch shell.

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The Lava Rock and Ti Leaf

This is again the lovely Hawaiian wedding tradition that is usually followed there. Most people stay confused about why does this custom of taking lava rock wrapped in Ti leaf performed. It has a deep meaning to perform this custom. It means the everlasting commitment and union of two people. After the ceremony, this lava rock in Ti leaf is left at the site to celebrate the union with the belief that it will strengthen their love. This Hawaiian wedding tradition is simply a way to ground the new relationship between two people.

The Tradition of Washing Rings

If you think rings are washed to remove their dirt, then you are wrong here. This Hawaiian wedding tradition simply is a symbol of new beginnings. It’s overall a blessing ceremony wherein the Ti leaf displays the good health of the soul, and the body and rings washed in water symbolize new life together of the newlywed spouse.

The Traditions Hawaiian Music

The wedding song, ‘Ke Kali Nei Au,’ is the most traditional one and is played during the ceremony as an imperative part of the Hawaiian wedding tradition. In the year 1926, it was written by Charles King in the Hawaiian language, and then it was translated into English. This song is usually played on the reception functions of the newlywed couples and also played during their first dance with each other. It is classical and soulful, and you will just love hearing it. Though several other songs are also performed as per Hawaiian wedding traditions, this one is the ancient and best song ever.

Final Words!

These are the amazing, admirable, and meaningful Hawaiian wedding traditions. If you want to adopt these Hawaiian wedding traditions, then you would surely need to take a Hawaii wedding license. The prevalent Hawaii wedding planners offer full-fledged Hawaii wedding packages inclusive of all formalities. It will help you follow the loving Hawaiian wedding traditions easily.

Planning For A Dream Wedding In Hawaii: Here Are Some Best Packages To Go With!

A destination wedding in Hawaii is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Hawaii is one of the best wedding destinations due to its incredible beauty, mesmerizing locations, and tropical flora and fauna. So if you too are planning a dream wedding or vow renewal in Hawaii, then there’s good news for you!

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Love Hawaii Wedding:

This basic wedding package gives the couple an authentic Hawaii wedding experience with a touch of beautiful traditional rituals of old Hawaii. It is the simplest package of all starting at just $345 and includes wedding arch, two fresh flower Leis, Hawaiian conch shell blowing with memorable traditional Hawaiian Lei exchange. Apart from this, the couple would also get the benefit of dining and accommodation, completing marriage license procedures, and after ceremony plan. The package also provides a personalized copy of vows to every couple so that they can treasure the legacy of their love throughout their life. In short, this package is enough to get the real taste of Hawaii.

Plumeria Wedding Package:

With an array of amenities available, the Plumeria wedding package will make your wedding or vow renewal a dream-come-true. This affordable Hawaiian wedding package includes everything needed for an unforgettable wedding day like Hawaiian-style Lei exchange, conch shell blowing, marriage license guidance, personalized copy of vows and much more. This package also provides a blended family ceremony where you can even get your kids for the vow renewal. There’s also a professional photographer to capture the beautiful and memorable moments with your soul mate! And, if you are planning for a Beach wedding Hawaii, then the beach and park permit fees are also included in the package! Isn’t that cool? At just $595, you’ll be having the wedding of your dreams.

Paradise Hawaii Wedding Package:

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Hawaiian Sunrise Wedding Package:

The Hawaiian Islands makes the perfect destination to say ‘I do, I do, I do’ and the addition of the sunrise wedding package to it make things more interesting. It gives you the option to celebrate your wedding ceremony in the oceanfront grassy lawn or at a coastline amidst the Hawaiian beauty and chants. This package includes all the basic amenities available in the above packages with some add-on services at just $2485.

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Big Hawaii Wedding Package:

Now it is easy to organize a big fat Hawaii Wedding at an extremely affordable price. Yes, it is possible with our list of exclusive packages. Similar to some common services included in every package, the Big Hawaii Wedding package includes wedding arch with chairs, 4-hour 8 passenger stretch Limousine Service with Chilled Champagne or Sparkling Cider for the guests and much more. Along with photographers and videographers, there’s also a provision of hairstylist and makeup artists to make the bride look best! This package also provides a singer or guitarist because we think that music always makes a ceremony more heartfelt and special! There’s an arrangement of a pre-wedding shoot for the couple as well at popular Hawaiian destinations.

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26th Anniversary Vow Renewal Ceremony

Our congratulations and Mahalo goes to a very sweet couple from San Diego, California. Luis (Alex) and Patricia (Patty). Enjoying a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony seemed like a beautiful thought, to reaffirm their love of 25 years. On May 6, 2004, at their church in San Diego, they vowed to be each others partner in life forever. Excited and happy, they arrived at Magic Island early for their 4 pm ceremony.

We found them to be a nice, gentle fun to be with couple. She looked beautiful in a dress similar to a Hawaiian print, he in walking shorts and long sleeve shirt, creating a youthful couple. Greeted by our Reverend Michael Nelson, a immediate friendship developed between Patty, Alex and our crew. A simple Hawaiian ceremony was enjoyed with some tears of happiness. Blowing of the conch by Reverend welcomed them to Magic Island and their intimate ceremony.

The vows were not the same as 25 years ago, but the meaning were the same. This Hawaii vow renewal ceremony for Alex and Patty was very special to them and made them feel so very close to each other. This joyful couple will celebrate at Rocky’s at Hilton Hawaiian Village and enjoy their honeymoon around Oahu island.