Celebrate your Bond of Love with Hawaii Micro Weddings

Micro Hawaii Weddings

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller

Those who are head over heels in love, know that the most blissful moments of love should be spent celebrating it, in our own way though, discreetly or in a boisterous way. Everyone has their own way of commemorating their love, the wedding being one of the most common and popular ways of celebration. Some find satisfaction in having a big, eminent wedding, while some find solace in having a micro wedding. For such couples, who find benediction in a destination micro wedding, places such as Morocco, New Zealand, Bali, or Hawaii are ideal locations.

The Beauty Of Hawaiian Micro Weddings

You can have micro weddings in Hawaii on a budget. Yes, it is true. They have become extremely popular over the years and more and more couples today prefer a destination micro wedding, with one of the most famous destinations being Hawaii. Hawaii, which has some of the best resorts and hotels and naturally has the perfect, romantic climate, makes it the most ideal spot for having destination micro weddings.

Now, a micro wedding is a small wedding with not more than 50 guests. It is basically similar to any normal wedding, except, on a much smaller scale. Apart from this, the reception, in a micro wedding is much more casual and perhaps less structured than a traditional reception. Micro Weddings, further, are not quite similar to elopement though. The two concepts differ on the basis of the guest count, as unlike micro wedding, Hawaii elopement is usually kept a secret and there are no guests involved. For couples who Plan a Hawaii Elopement after COVID-19 Outbreak may have to comply with certain guidelines this time to ensure safer ceremonies. On the whole, elopements are as memorable as any other wedding. In fact, in this current pandemic situation, micro weddings and elopements seem to be the best and the safest ways of tying a knot.

How to plan a micro wedding in Hawaii?

Micro weddings unlike traditional ones are less hectic and are pocket-friendly. And although this seems like a DIY task, hiring a wedding planner might be a better choice to have a stress-free wedding of your dreams. Here a few things that you must consider while planning a micro wedding:

•Deciding a venue in Hawaii- Choosing Hawaii as a wedding spot is the most beautiful thing you can do, but that is not just enough as you need to decide whether you want to have it in a private banquet hall, a chapel, or on a beach. So if it is a hall, you need to find out the capacity of it and will have to make the arrangements accordingly.

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Covering the basics- Spending on wedding essentials, like food, booze, and music should be the foremost thing to do and the budget can later be used for enhancements such as flowers and decors.

•Making the ceremony meaningful- Micro weddings become memorable when you share personal vows with your own people. Apart from this, walking your dog down the aisle or giving your guests handwritten notes or letters can make it even more personal and adorable.

So when it comes to such small scale weddings, it is easier to custom them as you like, giving them your own personal touch.

Why more couples are choosing to have micro weddings today?

Couples today prefer elopements and micro weddings on a large scale due to several reasons and benefits these weddings offer. Here’s the look at some major ones:

It’s a comfortable wedding arrangement

Instead of attending every single guest from over a thousand guests invited to your wedding, you actually get to spend time and share the most important day of your life with your loved ones. This makes micro weddings the most preferred ones.

It is Pocket-friendly

With just a limited guest list, there are no large scale arrangements. This saves both time and money. There are Oahu wedding packages affordable for every pocket that you can choose to make this moment worth remembering. These packages offer all the essential services that are required for big day celebrations like decorations, music, food, photography, and much more that fit in every budget.

You get to have a wedding of your dreams

With a lesser number of guests, you can now spend the money on things that actually mean a lot to you and your partner. Thus, hiring a photographer, a florist, choosing your own decor is no more costly. Micro weddings thus let you have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of.

Why have a destination micro wedding?

There are numerous perks of having a destination micro wedding. Couples often feel that destination weddings require a good amount of money, leading to bankruptcy. Juxtaposing this belief, destination micro weddings today couldn’t be more reasonable. An intimate micro wedding can in fact give you the freedom to have a destination wedding.

Since it is a destination wedding, people often are unable to make it to the wedding due to the distance or work. This gives you space to actually have the dream wedding you have thought of and the time to spend with the ones who you actually care about. Even if for some reason you are unable to afford enhancements such as decor, nature does all the preparations for you. Destination micro Hawaii weddings are therefore the most preferred ones today for these obvious reasons.


Whether it is elopement or a micro destination wedding, Hawaii can be the most ideal location to fulfill your dreams and have the most memorable experience of your life. You can easily plan weddings in Hawaii on a budget.

Marking The New Beginnings With A Vow Renewal Ceremony

Vow Renewal Hawaii

Vow Renewals is among the trending celebrations in the 21st century where the couples honor the strength of their union and make new promises for the next beautiful years. Amidst beautiful themes and friends and family, the couple celebrates their bond of love of so many years. And, since Hawaii is considered to be the best destination for love birds, many middle-aged couples go for vow renewal Hawaii to make the most of their day of love. It is the ceremonies like these that strengthen our trust in the institution of marriage while setting a good example before the next generation.

So if you are planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary differently this time, vow renewal can make things interesting for you. Here’s all you can do to make it a big hit amongst your friends, family, and children:

Choose Your Anniversary Date For The Celebrations: Pairing your vow renewal with a milestone anniversary such as 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage is a wonderful feeling. There’s nothing better than holding vow renewal on anniversary date which will bring back happy memories of the day when you first exchanged the rings and vows. You can also surprise your spouse by proposing him/her with a ring and fall in love all over again.

•Include #New-wedding-trends: If your wedding was before the days of Facebook and Instagram, then vow renewal Hawaii can make things more fun. Going with the latest trends, you can go for hashtags or live videos which will add more fun to your ceremony while giving you the chance to curate happy memories. Opting for exclusive budget-friendly Hawaii vow renewal packages will be an added plus as they come packed with services like photography and videography to capture the beautiful moments of your special day.

•It’s The Location That Makes All The Difference: When it comes to a vow renewal Hawaii, two options can truly set the tone for your day – A beach arrangement or a waterfall amidst lush greens. However, it totally depends on the kind of renewal you want, your budget, and the guest list. For a beach vow renewal, the Hawaiian Islands like Oahu, Magic Island and Waialae Beach Park are the perfect destinations. And, topping it up with Hawaii wedding traditions like Lei exchange and a conch shell blowing will take it to another level. So before you head towards your chosen Hawaiian location, it is always recommended to have some helpful tips about Hawaii wedding, which will make your ceremony more fun and exciting.

•Involve Your Children: Your children are the most important people in your life and what can be better than sharing this special moment of love with them. Renewing your wedding vows with them will take you back into the time when you two just started off this journey. It will reflect where you have been and where you are going. You can make it extra-special with matching attire with your kids. If your kids are old enough, you can make them ‘man/maid of honor’, and if they’re young, they can play the role of ‘Ring-bearer’ or ‘flower-child’.

Why Wedding Vow Renewals?

•Remembering / Rewriting Your Vows: Re-promising the vows on a special day can take you back into the time when it all started and how was the feeling when you first got committed to the love of your life. In fact, reading and committing the original vows can be the perfect way to remember that time as to why you chose each other and how much you love your mate. A vow renewal Hawaii will signify the beauty of your love, when you’ll say, “I still do” on this heaven on earth.

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•Express Your Love: If you want to express your love and gratitude in a grand way, then the vow renewal will surely impress your sweetheart. After years of marriage and the ups and downs that you’ve gone through, renewing vows can be the best way to express your love for each other. And, going for vow renewal Hawaii will simply act as an icing on the cake- an excellent way to appreciate the strength of your relationship and experiencing those butterflies all over again.

Cheers To The New Beginning: Marriages can be challenging. Many couples face complications or go through various struggles. But the best part is, they decided to be in it together and overcame all odds. So vow renewal is the powerful way to tell the world that despite everything, how you stood strong by each other and made things beautiful.

Take time to appreciate your beloved. Tell him/her how much you love him/her. Just surprise them with a vow renewal ceremony and rekindle that love once again.

Marriages are beautiful, you just have to appreciate each other more often to feel that love, care, and respect!

Our Plumeria Hawaii Wedding Package

Many of our Hawaii wedding couples are interested in a small intimate ceremony with a simple wedding package. The most important aspect for them is a feeling of Aloha, starting with the wedding planner. Once you establish that feeling of Aloha and trust, everything will fall into place. You do not need too large of a Hawaii wedding package, just having a personable minister, a location with the Hawaiian ambiance and serenity, a professional photographer and a few joyful enjoyments, like flowers or leis. Just the feeling of intimacy and thought of “just the two of us”, a feeling that no one else exists at this very moment.   Have your wedding in Hawaii planned for you , no worries, no stress.

Look over your reservation confirmation for details then simply, call us when you arrive. Pick up your license and arrive at your wedding. Don’t forget to bring the license and your rings with you.  Meeting you with Aloha, will be your planners, minister and photographer.  Your will soon become husband and wife with a beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony with memories to keep forever.  We share stories of two of our recent couples enjoying a “just the two of us” Hawaii wedding.  On March 5, 2018 at the Kahala Beach location, Elena and Dmitry, professionals from Russia, said their vows of “I do” with Reverend Mike Nelson. They enjoyed the Hawaiian ceremony with the blowing of the conch shell, sand ceremony, lei exchange and blessings. They are from Russia and have been traveling the U.S. They simply love Hawaii. Our Plumeria package was perfect for them. In appreciation the new Dmitry and Elena responded with “Photos are wonderful” and “thank you both for a wonderful wedding day”.

Our second couple is from Kansas City, Kansas, Christi and David. Christi, happy and always full of laughter was dressed in a simple but stylish gown. David looked great in casuals. They love the ocean and beaches of Hawaii. They are perfectly satisfied laying back on the beach and enjoying the sun. water and atmosphere. On March 7 2018, a clear blue sky at Kahala Beach, looking in the far distance on the horizon, a shape of the next island down, Lanai. Some days you can spot the island of Maui as well. The quiet and intimate wedding of Christi and David began with the blowing of the conch by Reverend Mike. They also chose the simple Hawaii wedding package called Plumeria.  With the Hawaiian blessing and wedding vows, holding hand, smiling with locked eyes, “two became one”. Simply a beautiful ceremony surrounded by Hawaii’s natural environment and gentle waves.The new David and Christi promised to return to Hawaii some day soon.  Small and simple, you will enjoy Hawaii weddings. as did Dmitry & Elena and David and Christi. They return home with treasured memories of over 100 photo images. Mahalo and Aloha from A wedding in Hawaii.


Hawaii Weddings Eloping Trends

As the years go by, the trend of couples eloping to enjoy Hawaii weddings and honeymoon has grown tremendously. The thought of no stress and pressure, away from a big bash at home, it is like escaping and allowing a Hawaii wedding planner to help bring it all together. The combination of a intimate Hawaii wedding ceremony and the enjoyment of a Hawaiian honeymoon became a reality for Vanessa and Bradley. They were already in Hawaii when they booked us to plan this beautiful day.


After being together for many years and having two little children, it was a family Hawaii beach wedding at Kahala Beach. The changing meaning of the word “elope” from “running away to get married” to the new “small wedding away from home” or “destination wedding”.  When couples elope, most likely it is a secret until they return home. However, some do share their elopement with their immediate love ones; some elope with their families tagging along. For Bradley and Vanessa, the Hawaii wedding and honeymoon was a family one with their children Max and Scarlette. On February 17, 2018, a beautiful clear, serene day, at Kahala Beach. As the sound of gentle waves washing up on the sand, Reverend Michael Nelson blew his conch shell announcing the wedding of Vanessa, Bradley and children.

As the children played in the background,  the two became one with our traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony, including the exchanging of flower leis as a gift of Aloha. They will enjoy their many precious pictures of this memorable family Hawaii wedding day. Congratulations and Mahalo for sharing your day with us.

Hawaii Residents Enjoy Hawaii Weddings on the Beach

Hawaii church weddings are costly, just the church rental alone is over $1,000, adding the services of the minister, the photographic crew, flowers and bouquets, limousine service, hair and makeup and finally the reception can cost more then $30,000. In comparison, the Hawaii weddings of the destination kind can offer you many Hawaii wedding packages that are so much more intimate, family oriented and the cost is not even close to comparison with church weddings.

Hawaii-weddings-on-the-beachHawaii weddings on the beach do not cost you anything for the location, it is included in the package.  Some couples worry about the privacy factor on the beach, however, choosing a weekday for your wedding can create a more serene atmosphere. Choosing a weekend or a holiday as your wedding day is not advisable for a quiet wedding.  Many local Hawaii residents are now having beach weddings and are hiring Hawaii wedding planners to help them. Kaegil and Andrew are Hawaii residents, did just that.

They wrote to us saying “Thank you for helping to make our day special. Very much appreciated, Irene and Roger. Take care”. On January 27, 2018 was a weekend but with very few beachgoers. A beautiful quiet spot at Kahala Beach near a cove, created a privacy of sort.  A bunch of loved ones joined them to support  them on their special day, even bought along a beautiful wedding cake. Beautiful Kaegil in a champagne colored wedding dress has been friends with her bridesmaid since 2nd grade in Lahaina, Maui. Andrew dressed in black and maroon formals is originally from West Virginia, but resides in Hawaii serving our country.

A simple wedding with their love ones to witness their happiness and perhaps dinner with them to  celebrate, was their plan for their special day. A beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony by Reverend Mike, ending with the offering of the gift of Aloha. We introduce our happy couple, the Andrew and Kaegil of Honolulu.  By saving money on a beach destination type of wedding, they can spend more on other priorities of life in Hawaii.  Mahalo for having us.


Hawaii blessing of marriage or Hawaii weddings


Lately, articles about “fake Hawaii weddings” have been published. These are not fake marriages, it is more like a Hawaii wedding blessing. These happy couples either elope or get married at home but want to experience a Hawaii wedding ceremony during their honeymoon. Many of the Asian couples are definitely married in Japan or wherever, but they desire what they call “photographic memories” during their honeymoon called “photo shoots”. I would say the correct term might be Hawaii vow renewals or Hawaii wedding blessings.

No marriage applications are needed from the State of Hawaii for these so called Hawaii weddings. Amy and Jay were married at the court house, but wanted the magical touch of Hawaii weddings. They wisely decided to splurge a little more on a Hawaii wedding package called the Paradise package. Sharing their Hawaii wedding ceremony with their love ones at home, was especially important for both of them. Photographic memories with a video of their wedding ceremony, limousine service, guitar/singer, a beautiful french bouquet and for Amy a white orchid haku head lei. Orchid leis were included for the offering of leis to each other, added to blowing of the conch and a unity sand ceremony.

Stylish white wedding gown for Amy with a veil, and a cream colored suit for Jay. Reverend Michael Nelson began the ceremony by blowing the conch, the guitar/singer played and sang the Hawaiian wedding song as the couple strolled to the altar. A beautiful day on December 30, 2017 at Magic Island, Ala Moana. Their limousine awaited to take them on a champagne sipping ride around Honolulu. Congratulations and Mahalo to the new Jay and Amy. Dinner at the Signature restaurant, celebration of Hawaii weddings.


Simply delightful holiday Hawaii weddings

Simply delightful holiday Hawaii weddings

Our Hawaii weddings during the winter holiday season are usually simple and intimate. December business is slower then normal for Weddings in Hawaii, but enjoyable, much cooler then the summer months. It is a great destination wedding month getting away from the wintery snow weather on the mainland. With the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays most people prefer to spend holidays at home with family. However in our opinion, this is he best time of the year for Hawaii beach weddings. The wedding locations are beautiful with blue-green ocean capped with white waves, there are less people on the beach which creates a serene atmosphere. The cool trade winds helps, and humidity is low. Although we offer many Hawaii wedding packages, our favorites are small, romantic Hawaii weddings. We have a lot of fun doing these weddings, the best part is seeing and feeling their happiness as they say “I DO” . A wedding in Hawaii need not cost a fortune, a simple one that is affordable to you is what we offer everyone. Couple of December weddings were enjoyed spending between $300 to $600 and they even had left over for the dinner celebration.

Congratulations to Stephen and Barbra of San Diego. California. They chose December 2, 2017 as their special day, saying their vows on the shores of Waialae Beach Park, showcasing the beautiful sight off Kahala Beach. Arriving with his families and love ones, Stephen was in an all white outfit. The beautiful Barbra was stylish in layered white wonder with a headband around her forehead.She held sprig of flowering orchid branch for color. As the limousine arrived, we got some liquid sunshine, a lucky omen for Hawaii weddings. Passing showers brought a serene sunny atmosphere minutes later. As our Reverend Nelson blew his conch shell, Barbra, escorted by her son, walked to the altar to be received by Stephen. A beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony for the new Stephen and Barbra. Emotional but extremely happy couple. Congratulations and Mahalo.

On December 3, 2017 we met Mahesh and Sai who are of Indian ancestry and welcomed the colorful cultures of our Hawaii weddings. Mahesh and his friends are serving our country in the U.S. Army and are stationed in Hawaii. A simple Hawaii wedding at Kahala Beach was their dream. The display of colorful Indian saris and outfits were beautiful. Bride Sai, sparkled with gold jewelries, make up style of a Indian princess sari. Her sari was gorgeously bright with colors of green, orange, purple and gold. Mahesh wore a dark blue Nehru Indian outfit. Sai’s friend wore a sari of purple, blue, gold. Fellow friends also dressed accordingly. A beautiful simple wedding by Reverend Mike Nelson. Congratulations and Mahalo to the new Mahesh and Sai of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mele Kalikimaka from A wedding in Hawaii.


Affordable Hawaii weddings

The cost of Hawaii weddings can be overwhelming. Looking for affordable Hawaii weddings, young couples are wisely turning toward destination wedding planners to help them with a stressless wedding ceremony. Doing business in Hawaii is very expensive which affects the cost to consumers. A large wedding in Hawaii costs thousands of dollars, just to rent a church for a couple of hours cost over $1000, whereas opting for small intimate Hawaii weddings on the beach cost half that price. Offering of various ranges of Hawaii wedding packages, you choose what is affordable to you.


The advantage of a stress free, romantic wedding in Hawaii, with the aura of Aloha from planners and their vendors are priceless. Married life can begin with no debt, if you can afford a honeymoon enjoy it to the fullest for it is the most important day of your life. All Hawaii wedding packages come with photographs taken by a professional photographer who captures the moments you will always remember.

There is great value in having small Hawaii weddings planned by destination wedding planners. The best advice we can give you is to contact the Hawaii Business Bureau for recommendation and ratings of Hawaii wedding planners. Many couples who take advantage of our affordable Hawaii weddings are in the military stationed in Hawaii. They are wonderful well mannered, orderly young men and women.

Our Hawaii wedding taking advantage of getting married before the years end, was Doug and Lesli, residents of Honolulu. On December 1, 2017, a lovely day at Kahala Beach, indicating a slight threat of liquid sunshine turned out to be a beautiful Hawaiian day with gentle tradewinds. Lesli arrived with best friend, May, looking radiantly happy for her Hawaii wedding ceremony, wearing a haku head lei. Doug arrived looking cool in all white mod outfit wearing a Maile lei.

A small wedding brightened with lots of colorful flower leis. Strands of white fragrant pikake lei for the bride, a green and white special lei for May, and for the Hawaiian lei exchange, a special red lei and purple orchid lei. Blowing of the conch shell by Reverend Michael Nelson and the mixing of their lives with a unity sand ceremony were beautiful. With the beautiful photographs captured of their wedding ceremony, it preserves this precious time in their life. They enjoy smiling happily absorbing this special moment as Rev. Mike presents Doug and Lesli as husband and wife. Beautiful Hawaii weddings affordable for them, and with budget money enough for a quick honeymoon to the Big Island of Hawaii. Mahalo, friends and have a great life together.