Hawaiian Wedding Etiquettes You Must Follow for a Perfect Wedding

hawaiian wedding etiquettes

So you are planning for your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event in Hawaii that surely needs special considerations for many of the aspects. Besides the incessant stress for gifts, guests, and all imperative parts that make it complete, it also needs due consideration and time for the best Hawaii elopement.

Well, if you are wondering about wedding etiquettes in Hawaii, then you are surely at the right place. We have compiled up a narrow list covering all-important do’s & don’ts you must follow to plan your special day the most romantic place.

By paying attention to these etiquettes, you can make your good time, the greatest one! Have a look!

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The wedding ceremony is the basic & major consideration you must take care of. Lei flower is the traditional Hawaiian flower that symbolizes the respect & love. The bride & the groom both wear it along with the wedding members. Usually, they exchange it in the ceremonial beginnings at Hawaii wedding venues and resorts.


Amid all outfits, usually casual wear is preferred, the groom in aloha shirt and bride in loose gowns. However, they can prefer wearing formal outfits too. You will get more clarifications further in this article.

Symbolic Traditions

There are a good majority of traditions followed in Hawaiian wedding Oahu. Amid all those, one is a koa wood bowl tradition in the ring ceremony. With a ti leaf, the bowl is dipped in water and then it’s water is sprinkled over rings, thus giving love & peace message.

Lavish Feast

The special day surely deserves to be celebrated with the finest kind of music & dancing. It adds an amazing spark to the wedding day of the newly-wed couple.


The small gatherings with friends & families make the day more joyful. If you planned a Hawaii wedding on a budget and if you can afford guests’ visit, then don’t forget giving memorable gifts to them too. It’s one of the Hawaii etiquettes to give gifts to your wedding attendees.

Moreover, Hawaiian ring blessing, Oli Aloha, language, and many other aspects constitute Hawaiian etiquette one must know about.

Essential Tips for Choosing Bride & Groom’s Wedding Attire!

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Well, if you have ever observed Hawaii elopement, you will see how casual they appear! While choosing the dress codes, either they are going for casual or formal wear, the important thing is they should complement each other and don’t clash on attire styling. Though there’s no rule for dressing up instead of a vision or your outlook for your special day, here we are sharing some tips to take your confusion at bay regarding what you should wear on your Hawaii wedding!

Formal Wear- Tuxedos and Gowns

For a complete formal look, this is the best way you can get ready. Donning a ballgown by lady and tuxedo or suit by gentleman can make your wedding more classy and elegant.

Semi-Format Styles- Slacks and more casual gowns

Don’t feel comfortable in formal wear? No worries! You can opt for more casual wedding gowns or dresses in off white or white color. The groom can choose wearing
casual trousers or slacks with a collared button-down. Besides you can wear a bow tie without a jacket or can wear a jacket without any tie, also give a semi-formal look.

Casual Style- Khakis and Sundresses

For the most comfortable wedding, you can pick any dress that suits your personality. Groom can go for khakis, a short-sleeve button-down, aloha print shirts, and alike patterns. Brides can choose sundresses of light shades made with cooler materials.

Hawaiian Dress Ideas from Traditional to Modern

Hawaiian dress styles stand out from the world, either you contemplate traditional or modern ones. The elegance that it bestows multiplies when the bride stands against blue waters and golden sand!! Here are some ideas we have compiled to acquaint you with traditional & modern styles!

Traditional Attires for Hawaiian Weddings

The traditional attires consist of a wide array of styles subsuming, Holoku gowns, loose-fitting dresses usually pronounced as Muumuu, colorful printed designs, and many more. Even these options further carry divisions in styles that one can opt for as per their interest.

Among these options, Holoku gowns are hard to find easily, and one has to get it ready (if you prefer this one). However, other options are still available easily, and even you can get it prepared by adding your preference. The printed dresses are the exception to Hawaiian traditions as usually people prefer wearing white or off-white colors the most. However, it looks astounding with tropical prints or other flowery prints on the bride’s gown.

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Modern Attires for Hawaiian Weddings

The modern outfits bestow you complete freedom to opt for your style. Whether it’s a casual halter, short & strappy outfit, or princess style gown, you can opt to wear any of these styles that you feel comfortable & best as per your interest. Amid these, casual halters are back-baring & quite daring to wear. However, princess wear is more formal, filler, and comfortable too. And if you love wearing short dresses, then surely that option would be good to go! It’s all up to you!

Hope you got where you should start! Happy wedding!

Fond Memories of our “Hawaii Wedding Ceremony”

Their dream, a wedding in Hawaii with their children and family together enjoying this precious moment. The Hawaii beach wedding of Bianca and Bradley on November 30, 2018 at Kahala Beach had a quiet serene aura with gentle ocean water activity. Harp music floated through the air. Just a slight drizzle for a few minutes as a good luck omen, after they said I do. They all arrived via limousine greeted by our minister and our crew. Stylishly dressed and beautiful, Bianca happily held her beautiful pink and white french bouquet. Bradley and their two little girls joyfully gathered to get acquainted. Bradley’s son and Bianca’s brother and his lady were happy to keep the little ones entertained. The wedding ceremony started with the harp playing the Hawaiian wedding song. Bianca and Bradley walked up the aisle together to meet Reverend Michael at the altar. Photographs and video were being created to forever preserve the moments.

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Our Hawaii wedding ceremonies are usually small, family like gathering and intimate. Our wedding ceremony includes the traditional Hawaiian sand ceremony which represents the coming together of two families, their past, present and their future. Along with the wedding vows, ring exchange, and the blessing, the Hawaiian lei exchange is the final step to give each other a personal message to each other. The orchid leis are gift of Aloha. Happily pronounced husband and wife, a long loving kiss, with the beautiful harp music in the air as they proceeded down the aisle. Family happily hugged and kissed. After the photo and video session, the limousine awaited for their champagne ride to their hotel. A celebration at the Top of Waikiki will be enjoyed. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us on your special day.

Surprise, Mom! We had a Hawaii wedding ceremony at Magic Island

“Just the two of us”. Sometimes a trip to Hawaii to enjoy a vacation and secretly elope to get married is fun and the right thing to do for them. A simple Hawaii wedding on the shores of one of Hawaii’s most popular beaches was what Laraya and Erik dreamed of. They chose a popular Hawaii wedding location called Magic Island, located at the Ala Moana beach park. The famous background of historic Diamond Head and beautiful Waikiki Beach in the distance. Laraya loves the brilliant colors and flowers of Hawaii. For their Hawaiian wedding, November 5. 2018, a beautiful multi-colored orchid “haku” head lei was a must, giving her the look of a Hawaiian princess bride. A cascade bouquet mostly white tinted with red/pinkish baby roses and yellow orchids, sprays of purple orchids was a beautiful addition to her beautiful white gown.

On most Hawaii beach weddings, the groom chooses white long sleeve shirt and khaki trousers or walking shorts. Foot wear for comfort are slaps. (slippers). A dark double purple orchid lei was brightened Erik’s outfit. A gorgeous morning for a Hawaiian wedding, our couple arrived by limousine, happily meeting minister, Reverend Michael Nelson. Strolling hand in hand for a romantic walk to our Hawaii wedding location, beautiful memories were being created with loving photos. Our Hawaii wedding ceremonies are relaxing and fun for all.

Erik attempted to blow the conch and was successful three times. Good job, Erik. With the ceremony beginning with the sound conch shell, Laraya and Erik was in their own dream world . After their personal vows to each other and the traditional Hawaiian lei exchange. they were pronounced the new Erik and Laraya. Looking at each other, a huge smile and laughter from both as they kissed for the first time being husband and wife. A beautiful memorable Hawaii wedding ceremony. Mom, surprise! We are now married. Congratulations and Mahalo to our wonderful couple.

Hawaii Vow Renewal Ceremony, A Golden Anniversary Gift

Mom and Dad will be celebrating their Golden Anniversary soon. What to give them. A Hawaii vow renewal of course. The gift of love thanking them for all the years of support they have given you. They have everything tangible they want, but the celebration with a trip to Hawaii with family and renewing their vows is a surprise that they did not expect. Married in Manila 50 years ago, Ma Fe and Horatio raised three wonderful daughters. Living in the U. S. the family grew to three son-in-laws, four grandsons and one granddaughter who are here today, October 20, 2018 to help celebrate the couple’s Hawaii vow renewal. Hazel and her sisters organized this beautiful gift for Mom and Dad. Hawaii Gifts of love for everyone, Mom gave Dad a Maile lei, a white orchid haku head lei for Mom. For daughters, orchid leis, for the guys, black kukui nut leis, and finally for their beautiful grand daughter, a haku head lei and orchid lei. A memorable Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony by Rev. Michael Nelson was enjoyed. The high light of the ceremony was the offering of thank by the daughters. Beautiful and heartfelt thank you for who the family are today because of their love and support. It brought tears to Dad’s eyes. Pronouncing them the renewed Ma Fe and Horatio, today at Waialae Beach, Rev. Michael Nelson officially had everyone sign the decorative certificate of marriage vow renewal. Congratulations and Mahalo. Celebration follows at Kahala Plumeria cafe next door.   A perfect anniversary gift is definitely a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony.

Our Daughter’s Hawaii Wedding

Daughter, the apple of Daddy’s heart, deserves the best of everything a Hawaii wedding ceremony could provide. Rebecca and Anatoly, combining their heritage from the U. S., Russia and Israel had the loving help of her father in planning a beautiful Hawaiian wedding day. They chose a venue called Magic Island with beautiful green (at present), historic Diamond Head and blue Pacific Ocean in the background. The Hawaiian wedding package called the Hawaii package offered everything Rebecca and Anatoly desired for their perfect Hawaii wedding. A beautiful haku head lei provided a princess like look for the bride. A limousine brought everyone, happy parents too, greeted by sounds of ukulele and Hawaiian song. The couples arrival was photographed and video taped as well as the entire wedding ceremony and then their departure in the limousine. A beautiful bouquet highlighted Rebecca’s elegance. The Hawaiian wedding song with Rebecca walking down the lawn with her father was adorable. A beautiful wedding for the new Anatoly and Rebecca. The special ceremony thanking of their parents was the most touching and memorable. Beautiful double orchid lei, gifts of Aloha, thanking their parents for what they are today. The best for their daughter and son. Anatoly’s parents do not speak English but language was not a barrier. Love and Aloha as family, Hawaii calls Ohana. Mahalo to a lovely couple.

Two Became One

It was  memorable and stress free Hawaii wedding ceremony for Rachel and Benjamin, on August 18, 2018 on the sandy dunes  of  Waialae Beach Park. Rachel began their Hawaii wedding and honeymoon plans  ten months ago and chose the beautiful Hawaii wedding location at Waialae Beach Park. Along with our Big Fat Hawaiian wedding package, it was a perfect venue combination.  She had everything she wanted and added a few more extras.

Two limousines brought the bridal party and their loved ones on this sunny and but cool tradewind day. Aloha greetings with ukulele music greeted them, along with Reverend Michael Nelson and the photo/video crew. Gorgeous Rachel and handsome Benjamin, dressed in such stylish white wedding fashion. A beautiful elegant deluxe white bouquet to high light Rachel’s fashion. The gift of Aloha from Rachel and Ben to their loved ones, were kukui nut leis, and floral orchid leis.  This day 8/18/18 is one of the special day for

Hawaii weddings chosen by wedding couples this year. Cameras are ready to capture this special day to create the beginning of their love story. They walk down the white bridge for the last time as two, when they cross back after the wedding, they will do so as one.  Sounding of the conch, singing of the Hawaiian wedding song, binding of their lives together with a Hawaiian sand ceremony began the ceremony bringing tearful emotional vows of marriage. Beautiful white double orchid leis were exchanged as gifts of Aloha.  A Hawaiian love song was dedicated to the new Benjamin and Rachel by our singer.Congratulations and Mahalo for sharing your Hawaii wedding with us.

Hawaii Wedding Planners at Their Best

We helped Akiiki and William with their long awaited dream of having a Hawaii wedding venue. A memorable Hawaiian ceremony at Waialae Beach Park with Reverent Kermit  officiating, on August 18, 2018. A very popular date 8/18/18 was chosen, and many Hawaii weddings were being enjoyed at this wedding location as well other beaches. Their Hawaii wedding planning went well being that the couple lives in Georgia.  Here comes the limousine with Akiiki and William and their four best friends. Greeted by the beautiful sounds of Hawaiian melodies, the Reverend, and the camera crew.

Looking very debonair, the couple dressed alike in mod styled summer light blue suits and stylish walking shoes. Beautiful black, shiny kukui nuts were presented to each of their guests by Akiiki and William.  A very happy couple, there were a lots of fun an laughter in the air. They happily gave each other purple orchid leis to high light over the blue suits. Choosing this beautiful Hawaii wedding location, on the sand dunes of Waialae Beach, they find the beautiful blue ocean and the panoramic view toward Koko head, a beautiful sight.  Our ceremony begins with the sounds of the conch shell, followed by the beautiful Hawaiian wedding song by Katsu on ukulele.

Our Hawaii beach wedding ceremonies are not very long but are very family oriented and everyone have lots of fun together. Reverend Kermit offers the ring vows and the marriage vows at the end. Holding hands looking into each other’s eyes, they became the new William and Akiiki. Thick luscious white double orchid leis were exchanged as a  gift of Aloha. A Hawaiian love song was dedicated to the newly weds. What a beautiful day it was, a perfect Hawaii wedding for Akiiki and William. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us.

Beautiful August Hawaii Wedding


For us Hawaii is beautiful all year long, but for those who love the sun and the tradewind, August is one of the best months to have their Hawaii wedding ceremony. It is a popular month for both locals and destination Hawaii weddings, so booking early is a good idea. Upcoming date of Aug. 18, 2018  (8/18/18) is “the big date” couples have secured.

Our Hawaii wedding couple today, Stephanie and Joseph of Fresno, California chose Aug. 1, 2018 (8/1/18) which is easy to remember. Staying in Waikiki during their honeymoon they chose Waialae Beach Park as their Hawaii wedding location. A wise choice was to choose a package with a limousine service, which picked them up at the hotel and then returned them happily married. Here comes the bride and groom and being met, with Aloha from Rev. Michael Nelson and Roger. Stephanie and Joseph are a very attractive couple  dressed in a modern flair. A cascade bouquet of pinkish-ivory like roses  and hydrangea awaits her.

A black shiny kukui nut lei for Joseph. A beautiful wedding on the sands of Hawaii is about to take place. The happy couple walks up the white bridge to the sandy altar where the Reverend waits. Sounding of the conch begins the Hawaiian ceremony of Stephanie and Joseph. A memorable wedding ceremony, just the two of them, so romantic, happily participating in the Hawaiian sand ceremony. The vows were most beautiful, the rings was gorgeous sparkling in the sun. With the traditional flower lei exchange, they became the new Joseph and Stephanie, kissing each other on both cheeks. Marriage certificates were signed and sealed. Many romantic wedding portraits were created for the newly weds, Joseph and Stephanie. A champagne limo ride back to the hotel. Celebration on the catamaran coming up. Congratulations guys!


Twenty year of wedded bliss, celebrated with a Hawaii vow renewal


Jennifer and Eric  got married twenty years ago in Arizona and are spending another honeymoon in Hawaii. A beautiful memorable idea started to take shape. Let’s have a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony. It will be a romantic get away from their three children for a few days. Jennifer is a teacher and she home schools her daughter and two sons. They chose July 18, 2018 at Magic Island to repeat their vows. Today is their anniversary.  She arrived as a bride with a beautiful bridal gown of silk and satin, he looked great in a blue outfit with a vest.  Even after twenty years, there is a twinkle in their eyes with love and respect for each other.

Reverend Michael Nelson’s Hawaii vow renewal ceremonies are the best, he always tries to make it personal with what he knows about the couple. All of our Hawaii weddings and vow renewals are performed at these locations, Waialae-Kahala Beach, Magic Island or Waimanalo Bay beach. Jennifer and Eric chose Magic Island as their Hawaii wedding location with the historic Diamond Head in the background. Today unfortunately is a hazy day, none the less it is still a beautiful site. The Hawaiian flair of all of our ceremonies are not unique but we do have our own style with Aloha. The vows were not worded the same but the feelings of emotion were the same. We present the renewed Eric and Jennifer. Congratulations and have fun at the luau.


Paradise Hawaii Wedding


A Hawaii wedding, a dream come true. Living in New York Anthony and Elon brought their fashions to their dream wedding at Kahala Beach. On a beautiful sunny day July 14, 2018, they were pronounced husband and husband by the Reverend Leah. Limousine arrival was greeted by our still and video camera crew. Extending their Aloha were Reverend Leah and harpist, Wendy. The love for fashion began with the couple and extended out to Mom and best man. Anthony and Elon wore matching blue blazers with modern flair, each wore ivory colored trousers. Among bow ties, comberbunds, and shoes with furs, each colorized in their taste of matching colors of blue, pink. Stylish in ever way, Mom wore white and black to the Hawaii wedding of her son, best man dressed in style with less flair then his friends.

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The beautiful sound of harp in the air as the wedding party approached. Anthony and Elon stood happily holding hands waiting to stroll down the sandy aisle as Wendy played the Hawaiian wedding song. Flowers of Aloha for the couple a beautiful maile lei for Elon, and white double lei for Anthony. Their dream of having a wedding in Hawaii was about to begin. A very intimate, loving ceremony beautifully presented by Reverend Leah with Hawaiian vows and blessings. The blending of their lives yesterday, today and tomorrow were symbolized by a Hawaiian sand ceremony. The new husbands Anthony and Elon will be enjoying many beautiful pictures and video of their Hawaii wedding package, to be shared with their loved ones. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us on your dream Hawaii wedding.