Celebrate your Bond of Love with Hawaii Micro Weddings

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller

Those who are head over heels in love, know that the most blissful moments of love should be spent celebrating it, in our own way though, discreetly or in a boisterous way. Everyone has their own way of commemorating their love, the wedding being one of the most common and popular ways of celebration. Some find satisfaction in having a big, eminent wedding, while some find solace in having a micro wedding. For such couples, who find benediction in a destination micro wedding, places such as Morocco, New Zealand, Bali, or Hawaii are ideal locations.

The Beauty Of Hawaiian Micro Weddings

You can have micro weddings in Hawaii on a budget. Yes, it is true. They have become extremely popular over the years and more and more couples today prefer a destination micro wedding, with one of the most famous destinations being Hawaii. Hawaii, which has some of the best resorts and hotels and naturally has the perfect, romantic climate, makes it the most ideal spot for having destination micro weddings.

Now, a micro wedding is a small wedding with not more than 50 guests. It is basically similar to any normal wedding, except, on a much smaller scale. Apart from this, the reception, in a micro wedding is much more casual and perhaps less structured than a traditional reception. Micro Weddings, further, are not quite similar to elopement though. The two concepts differ on the basis of the guest count, as unlike micro wedding, Hawaii elopement is usually kept a secret and there are no guests involved. For couples who Plan a Hawaii Elopement after COVID-19 Outbreak may have to comply with certain guidelines this time to ensure safer ceremonies. On the whole, elopements are as memorable as any other wedding. In fact, in this current pandemic situation, micro weddings and elopements seem to be the best and the safest ways of tying a knot.

How to plan a micro wedding in Hawaii?

Micro weddings unlike traditional ones are less hectic and are pocket-friendly. And although this seems like a DIY task, hiring a wedding planner might be a better choice to have a stress-free wedding of your dreams. Here a few things that you must consider while planning a micro wedding:

•Deciding a venue in Hawaii- Choosing Hawaii as a wedding spot is the most beautiful thing you can do, but that is not just enough as you need to decide whether you want to have it in a private banquet hall, a chapel, or on a beach. So if it is a hall, you need to find out the capacity of it and will have to make the arrangements accordingly.

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Covering the basics- Spending on wedding essentials, like food, booze, and music should be the foremost thing to do and the budget can later be used for enhancements such as flowers and decors.

•Making the ceremony meaningful- Micro weddings become memorable when you share personal vows with your own people. Apart from this, walking your dog down the aisle or giving your guests handwritten notes or letters can make it even more personal and adorable.

So when it comes to such small scale weddings, it is easier to custom them as you like, giving them your own personal touch.

Why more couples are choosing to have micro weddings today?

Couples today prefer elopements and micro weddings on a large scale due to several reasons and benefits these weddings offer. Here’s the look at some major ones:

It’s a comfortable wedding arrangement

Instead of attending every single guest from over a thousand guests invited to your wedding, you actually get to spend time and share the most important day of your life with your loved ones. This makes micro weddings the most preferred ones.

It is Pocket-friendly

With just a limited guest list, there are no large scale arrangements. This saves both time and money. There are Oahu wedding packages affordable for every pocket that you can choose to make this moment worth remembering. These packages offer all the essential services that are required for big day celebrations like decorations, music, food, photography, and much more that fit in every budget.

You get to have a wedding of your dreams

With a lesser number of guests, you can now spend the money on things that actually mean a lot to you and your partner. Thus, hiring a photographer, a florist, choosing your own decor is no more costly. Micro weddings thus let you have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of.

Why have a destination micro wedding?

There are numerous perks of having a destination micro wedding. Couples often feel that destination weddings require a good amount of money, leading to bankruptcy. Juxtaposing this belief, destination micro weddings today couldn’t be more reasonable. An intimate micro wedding can in fact give you the freedom to have a destination wedding.

Since it is a destination wedding, people often are unable to make it to the wedding due to the distance or work. This gives you space to actually have the dream wedding you have thought of and the time to spend with the ones who you actually care about. Even if for some reason you are unable to afford enhancements such as decor, nature does all the preparations for you. Destination micro Hawaii weddings are therefore the most preferred ones today for these obvious reasons.


Whether it is elopement or a micro destination wedding, Hawaii can be the most ideal location to fulfill your dreams and have the most memorable experience of your life. You can easily plan weddings in Hawaii on a budget.