7 Must-to-Ask Questions from Your Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer

Among all the tasks you are juggling for a destination wedding in Hawaii, important is to hire the right photographer. The intension behind it is obvious that you would never want to stay disappointed with the unpleasant work quality.

After all, it’s only the wedding photographs articulating the same freshness & charm as you experienced on your special day!

Usually, Hawaii wedding packages subsume the services of professional photographers. Still, you need to ask some questions before finally hiring one to get intact from spoiling e-special photographs.

Well, we can help you get a perfect photographer by listing down the questions you should ask them. This guide will help you contacting the perfect photographer to document on your wedding day in Hawaii. Let us start!

7 Questions to Ask!

Besides wedding outfits, venue and all, having an experienced and excellent photographer also subsumes in Hawaii wedding etiquettes! Hawaii has a giant scenic beauty that can be captured amazingly by using some ace tactics. But to add glitter and make it speechless, here are some questions you must to your photographer:

1. Since when have you been in this profession of photographing weddings?

Here your focus shouldn’t be on general photography. No! I am harping on it because there’s a huge difference in general and wedding photography. Can they handle the 8-hour photography stress of a wedding?

Moreover, understanding flows of the day, special posing of bride & groom, covering their entries the venue, their side poses, and capturing special moments are completely different from normal photography. So it’s a question worth asking as experience matters!

2.What Editing Style Do You Prefer?

You should have an idea of how your wedding pictures will look like! Amid varied editing styles, dark & moody, vibrant, airy or light, etc. are very famous. So, you can ask it to judge what you should expect!

3.Have you Taken Insurance?

Insurance is a must so as this question to ask is. Insurance is a cover or protection from any equipment lost during the wedding. Also if the photographer doesn’t have it then it’s a sign that clears he is new to the business or doesn’t take his work seriously, so you should opt for another one.

4.What does Your Package Include?

You must know what you are going to pay for! So, get details about all the services like prints, albums, digital files, and all. Also, the number of images, videos, and quality are some aspects you can ask.

5.Do You Have Backup?

It is worth asking for plan B or C that your photographer has if he stuck anywhere on your special day. You can’t take a risk of simply resorting to one option. So, make sure everything has been set up in place and have backups too!

6.Do you have Extra Equipment?

Besides knowing for backup of the photographer itself, you should also ask for whether he has a backup for equipment or not!

What if, his camera got broken on the very day or any gear is creating trouble? So, it’s always good to go safe by preparing for emergencies in advance!

7.Why should I Hire You only?

Well, this is a must to ask questions. Why not prefer other photographers? What is the specialty of your photographer? Besides having the same lenses, gears, and all, every photographer has some unique skills that you must know!

You must have an idea of how he can make your photos look unique and fantastic!

Which Hawaiian Island is the Best for Photography?

From Hawaii’s rugged beauty to marine life, Hawaiian Islands encase everything to relish. You can happily capture remarkable images there and appreciate the Hawaiian beauty. Though the whole Hawaii wedding venues are astounding, you should know the perfect ones for your wedding.

Each island has something to make your day memorable. Let us head towards the best islands and their best places in this regard!

  • Kauai Island- Surf Song and Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens
  • Big Island- Kona Beach Bungalows, Puakea Ranch
  • Maui Island- Olowalu Plantation House, Kukahiku Estate, Haiku Mill
  • Oahu Island- Haiku Gardens, The Dillingham Ranch, Waimea Valley

These all islands can bestow you the best experience ever and you will love being captured there on your special day. Still, if you want to know the top island for a wonderful wedding experience then I would suggest Kauai Island!

Kauai beach and even many Kauai spots are secluded ones brimmed of nature’s beauty. Its mountain cliffs and even every place have its own specialty that everyone admires by heart.

Did You Inquire from Your Wedding Photographer?

It’s important asking questions before hiring the one. The photographs are required to be captured and documented well as these will be hanged on your walls for years.
We hope we guided you well to pick the appropriate photographer along with choosing the best island for wedding photography. In case of any questions, just feel free to ask us anytime.

Happy Wedding!

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