What Requirements You Must Fulfill to Get A Hawaii Wedding License?

Many dreamt about Hawaii elopement and do planning to make their day memorable with all their special attempts. Hawaii is the most gorgeous island that can make your wedding elegant & memorable.

Either it’s your simple wedding plans or you are desirous of grand commemorations at the beach, Hawaii wedding packages hold every surprise to elate you the most. So if you are planning for it then you must apply for Hawaii wedding license at very first.

We have compiled up here various questions that people usually have regarding Hawaii’s wedding license. Get all the details here!

Who can marry in Hawaii? Can Foreigners, too get married there?

Of course yes! Anyone can have a ravishing Hawaii elopement provided they have completed all legalities. Know the requirements!

  • Marriage License is a Must

For a dreamy wedding in Hawaii, you just need a valid Hawaii wedding license. You need to complete the basic requirements and furnish details for getting it, such as legal consent from parents, judge of family court when the age of spouse is less than 18 years of age, and other required documents.

  • Licensed Marriage Performers

To perform the marriage ceremony, you need to find a licensed marriage performer.

  • Find the Island for Your E-Special Day

Explore Hawaii deeply and learn about the specialties of islands. For a lively atmosphere, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Big Island is most suitable.

  • Contact Wedding Professionals

Hawaii wedding professionals are must to consult and take their services for a hassle-free and cordial wedding ceremony. Talk about Hawaii wedding packages and check what services they are ready to offer at what price. Pick the one suiting your budget the most.

This way, anyone can make their wedding most special in Hawaii.

How to Obtain a Hawaii Wedding License?

It’s necessary to fulfill all the required details and follow rules to get a Hawaii wedding license. By fulfilling it, you can easily get a license to tie a nuptial knot.

  • As already mentioned if the age of any of the spouses is below 18 years then they have to collect some extra documents like written consent of parents, written approval of family court’s judge and all.
  • Fill the application form from the state marriage license office. Blood tests are not essential for it. Moreover, if any of the partners is divorcee then its date & location is required to be mentioned in this application form, you are going to fill.
  • The copy of driver license and ID proof is also required to be attached if age is 21 or above.

So you need to fulfill all the required information first by reaching a marriage license office or consult a professional marriage consultant.

How to Meet Hawaiian Marriage License Agent and Fix an Appointment?

Contacting a marriage license agent is quintessential. Before arriving on an island, it’s important calling him and sharing all details. There are a barrage of Hawaiian wedding license agents. You can count on any reliable one.

You need to pay a fee for it, show driving license and passport, complete paper application, and other requirements. Here also Hawaii’s wedding professional can help you out and make the processing so easy for you.

What Documents are Required for Hawaii Elopement?

The required documents are necessary to be presented for Hawaii elopement. The applicants need to submit the required approvals and consents in writing to get a marriage license. Though we already have told you about documents, here’s a brief of it!

  • The minimum age is 15 years to get married. If the couple or any partner is of 15 years or less than 18 years then written consent by their parents is necessary. Besides written approval by a family court’s judge is needed to be submitted.
  • 18 years is the legal age to marry
  • Blood tests, residency proof, and any witnesses are not required to get married.
  • Official application is required to be filled either online or offline.

A marriage license obtained after presenting above mentioned documents remains valid throughout Hawaii.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Marriage License in Hawaii?

It just takes three weeks to get a wedding license processed. In three weeks of your wedding, you get it right away. Plus it might take some extra time for a certified copy that is mailed to you.

Usually, after marriage, 60-120 days are quoted by the state to deliver a marriage license. If you want it sooner, then it’s possible to access it online and contact the Hawaii wedding professional for it.

For How Long Does A Hawaii Wedding License Remain Valid?

It’s valid throughout the state for just 30 days. After completing 30 days including the issuance date, it becomes null & void automatically.

This was all about the requirements you need to fulfill for getting a Hawaii wedding license. If you still have any query, then reach us and get it resolved at a moment’s notice.

Good day!