Hawaiian Wedding Etiquettes You Must Follow for a Perfect Wedding

So you are planning for your ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event in Hawaii that surely needs special considerations for many of the aspects. Besides the incessant stress for gifts, guests, and all imperative parts that make it complete, it also needs due consideration and time for the best Hawaii elopement.

Well, if you are wondering about wedding etiquettes in Hawaii, then you are surely at the right place. We have compiled up a narrow list covering all-important do’s & don’ts you must follow to plan your special day the most romantic place.

By paying attention to these etiquettes, you can make your good time, the greatest one! Have a look!

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The wedding ceremony is the basic & major consideration you must take care of. Lei flower is the traditional Hawaiian flower that symbolizes the respect & love. The bride & the groom both wear it along with the wedding members. Usually, they exchange it in the ceremonial beginnings at Hawaii wedding venues and resorts.


Amid all outfits, usually casual wear is preferred, the groom in aloha shirt and bride in loose gowns. However, they can prefer wearing formal outfits too. You will get more clarifications further in this article.

Symbolic Traditions

There are a good majority of traditions followed in Hawaiian wedding Oahu. Amid all those, one is a koa wood bowl tradition in the ring ceremony. With a ti leaf, the bowl is dipped in water and then it’s water is sprinkled over rings, thus giving love & peace message.

Lavish Feast

The special day surely deserves to be celebrated with the finest kind of music & dancing. It adds an amazing spark to the wedding day of the newly-wed couple.


The small gatherings with friends & families make the day more joyful. If you planned a Hawaii wedding on a budget and if you can afford guests’ visit, then don’t forget giving memorable gifts to them too. It’s one of the Hawaii etiquettes to give gifts to your wedding attendees.

Moreover, Hawaiian ring blessing, Oli Aloha, language, and many other aspects constitute Hawaiian etiquette one must know about.

Essential Tips for Choosing Bride & Groom’s Wedding Attire!

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Well, if you have ever observed Hawaii elopement, you will see how casual they appear! While choosing the dress codes, either they are going for casual or formal wear, the important thing is they should complement each other and don’t clash on attire styling. Though there’s no rule for dressing up instead of a vision or your outlook for your special day, here we are sharing some tips to take your confusion at bay regarding what you should wear on your Hawaii wedding!

Formal Wear- Tuxedos and Gowns

For a complete formal look, this is the best way you can get ready. Donning a ballgown by lady and tuxedo or suit by gentleman can make your wedding more classy and elegant.

Semi-Format Styles- Slacks and more casual gowns

Don’t feel comfortable in formal wear? No worries! You can opt for more casual wedding gowns or dresses in off white or white color. The groom can choose wearing
casual trousers or slacks with a collared button-down. Besides you can wear a bow tie without a jacket or can wear a jacket without any tie, also give a semi-formal look.

Casual Style- Khakis and Sundresses

For the most comfortable wedding, you can pick any dress that suits your personality. Groom can go for khakis, a short-sleeve button-down, aloha print shirts, and alike patterns. Brides can choose sundresses of light shades made with cooler materials.

Hawaiian Dress Ideas from Traditional to Modern

Hawaiian dress styles stand out from the world, either you contemplate traditional or modern ones. The elegance that it bestows multiplies when the bride stands against blue waters and golden sand!! Here are some ideas we have compiled to acquaint you with traditional & modern styles!

Traditional Attires for Hawaiian Weddings

The traditional attires consist of a wide array of styles subsuming, Holoku gowns, loose-fitting dresses usually pronounced as Muumuu, colorful printed designs, and many more. Even these options further carry divisions in styles that one can opt for as per their interest.

Among these options, Holoku gowns are hard to find easily, and one has to get it ready (if you prefer this one). However, other options are still available easily, and even you can get it prepared by adding your preference. The printed dresses are the exception to Hawaiian traditions as usually people prefer wearing white or off-white colors the most. However, it looks astounding with tropical prints or other flowery prints on the bride’s gown.

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Modern Attires for Hawaiian Weddings

The modern outfits bestow you complete freedom to opt for your style. Whether it’s a casual halter, short & strappy outfit, or princess style gown, you can opt to wear any of these styles that you feel comfortable & best as per your interest. Amid these, casual halters are back-baring & quite daring to wear. However, princess wear is more formal, filler, and comfortable too. And if you love wearing short dresses, then surely that option would be good to go! It’s all up to you!

Hope you got where you should start! Happy wedding!