Wondering How to Prepare for Destination Wedding in Hawaii after COVID-19 Pandemic? Get All About It Here!

The wedding industry is one such domain that had been untouched of the worst recessions and inflations in history. As regardless of the falling or rising economies, marriages would happen. But, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced people to postpone their weddings. Those who wanted to celebrate their dream-day as a destination wedding had to change their plans as travel across the world is banned. But, as the old saying goes, weddings are fixed in heavens, Hawaii’s wedding industry is all set to bloom again with dreamy Hawaii elopement as the pandemic ends.

How Wedding Industry is dealing with COVID-19?

According to the surveys, about 70-80% of marriages have been postponed, essentially international weddings. Well, patience makes everything better. People are not planning their weddings for now, which is a great sign of heavy losses to the wedding industry. But the best part is digital media is bringing the best results and might become the best source for wedding planners for collaborations with clients and fixing the wedding arrangements going to hold after this pandemic.

Now, the couples would have more time to envision their themes, outfits, venues, and destinations for their weddings. Thanks to the internet, wedding planners are in touch (of course, not physically) with soon-to-wed couples and assisting them in finding and deciding the best for them. Hawaii’s wedding venues and resorts are ready to throw an unforgettable treat for your closest friends and families after the COVID-19 bans would be lifted. The industry is quite well dealing with the situation and has made big plans for the future as well. Hopefully, everything will be on the line!

Planning Hawaii Wedding after COVID-19?

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If you are planning your destination wedding in Hawaii after COVID-19 times, here we have some tips that would make your job easier. You surely need to stay aware and adopt precautions even after this emergency period, like wearing masks during flights and even after it and following all those precautionary steps that are recommended during this period.

Once your flight lands in Hawaii, make sure you rent a car to explore the best Hawaii wedding venues and resorts on the island. You can also book an Uber or Lyft transport, while car and bike renting services are also available in Hawaii. The next thing to consider is the weather. Though Hawaii remains like a paradise throughout the year, the months from June to October are counted in the season of summer here. Some parts of the island are always rainy. You should book your guest’s travel at least three months in advance, as in peak seasons the travel costs are generally higher. If you ask about the time of the wedding, it is recommended to fix your big-day in non-holiday weekdays. In weekends, there are comparatively large gatherings of tourists and locales, so if you want to enjoy the solace and privacy, then avoid the weekends.

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To accomplish your Hawaii destination wedding dream, you would have to apply for a Hawaii wedding license. If you are 18 or above, you can apply for this. For this license, you would have to provide a valid ID proof like DOB certification or a driver’s license. The head office for the marriage license is situated in Honolulu on Oahu, and you can also apply in Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island via agents. This marriage license has validity over 30 days and permits you to wed on an island in Hawaii.

What makes Hawaii’s wedding popular in the world? Choose the Place by Considering Hawaiian Beauty!

It is the island’s marvelous mountainous view. So, make sure you find a place that is surrounded by lush green gardens, tropical beauty, and the one that can offer a mesmerizing pink-purple sunset for your wedding photography’s backdrop. Your Hawaii wedding might be a sober ceremony in the beach’s shining sand if you have a tight budget, or you can make it grand by spending big money and have it organized in big wedding venues and resorts.

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Fix Up, Guest List!

Then you need to decide the guests on your list. Your wedding planner can help you in estimating the budget per guest for the party and stay. For the beach venues, you can invite more people as such venues are grand and have a huge capacity to welcome your special guests. Also, don’t forget to inform your guests to carry along their valid IDs and other important documents. If any of them is having any serious medical condition, ask him to bring his medical history as he visits Hawaii.

Hopefully, you find it informative and feeling relaxed after knowing some silver lining for your destination wedding in Hawaii. Do share your views with us, what plans do you have!

Happy Wedding!