Thank you for sharing your special day of Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals

For us, half of our business is planning Hawaii weddings and the other half is planning Hawaii vow renewals. On this Thanksgiving week, we share four recent wedding stories, thanking these lovely couples for sharing their special day with us.

Celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, Alyssa and Jonathan of Austin, Texas flew to Hawaii for a second honeymoon. On second thought, why not have a Hawaii vow renewal also. This beautiful and vibrant couple got married in Jamaica in October 2012. They like the outdoors and enjoy the beach scene and a Hawaii beach vow renewal seemed like a perfect fit for them. Choosing the Plumeria package and Waialae Beach location, they enjoyed a memorable Hawaii vow renewal ceremony by Rev. Mike Nelson. In Jamaica, they did not have a sand ceremony, so our Hawaiian unity sand ceremony was a new and enjoyable experience for them. Renewing of vows and enjoying the lei exchange, they were pronounced the new renewed Jonathan and Alyssa. They happily returned home and are enjoying their many beautiful photos. Thank you and congratulations.

Celebrating their forty-first wedding anniversary,was loving couple Bob and Cindy Nicolas of Oswego, Illinois on November 6, 2017. Today is their anniversary, at this time 3:00 pm they married in a Catholic Church in Chicago. They chose Magic Island as their vow renewal location and enjoyed the Magic Island experience tremendously. They are so in love, Bob kept sneaking kisses with Cindy. A beautiful Hawaii vow renewal ceremony by Rev. Mike Nelson on a beautiful Hawaiian day. Simple ceremony but so much love. Forty-one years and going strong. Mahalo, to these youngsters.

From Australia to Hawaii, Melissa and Jason wanted to get married quietly and decided to look for someone to plan their Hawaii wedding, and luckily for us, they found a liking to what we offer. These very tall and good looking love birds decided to have their wedding ceremony at Magic Island. She was so lovely in a stylish cream colored dress and he looked great in white shirt and khaki trousers. A beautiful Hawaiian wedding ceremony by Reverend Mike, featuring the blowing of the conch, and floral lei exchange as a gift of Aloha. They became the new Jason and Melissa with their vows of ” I will love you forever” on November 13, 2017. Aloha and Mahalo for sharing your special day with us.

A babymoon instead of a honeymoon. Denae and Michael of Utah found out they were pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. They moved up their wedding/honeymoon from 2018 to a Hawaii wedding and a quick babymoon. On November 13, 2017 at Magic Island the 4-of-them arrived smiling happily. A wonderful couple we enjoyed getting to know helping them begin a new life together. Hawaii weddings on the west side of Magic Island with ocean background and the sandy beaches of Ala Moana beach park, creates a feeling of being part of the city of Honolulu. Denae looked like a Hawaiian Princess with a beautiful flower haku head lei, her Michael with a maile leaf lei stood beside her, as her Prince. Reverend Mike Nelson married them together as a family of four. A new life begins Congratulations and thank you for being with on this important day.

A thank you from A wedding in Hawaii for sharing your Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals with us. Aloha!

Hawaii Weddings, Dreams Come True


The largest gift of Hawaii weddings are the memories preserved by the captured photo images and video of the beautiful Hawaii wedding ceremony. The gift next to those memories is the gift of Aloha from the people of Hawaii, not tangible but very heartfelt. Most of our couples who are interested in having Hawaii beach weddings know what kind of Hawaii wedding packages they want. It creates a easier planning field for any Hawaii wedding planner. For most couples a trip to Hawaii and having their dream Hawaiian wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime dream come true. Helping couples choose the best Hawaii wedding locations and time of day to suit them can be challenging. Photographically we recommend certain times of the day for each location we provide.

Our couple today chose Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park with historic Diamond Head as the background. They decided on 5:00 in the afternoon which provided enough lighting for good images. Some couples request sunset, but we do not recommend sunset weddings for good photographic coverage. For that one shot of a sunset? Diana and Bob was so happy with their late afternoon wedding without the sunset. There is this feeling of happiness, with warm smiles and laughter from our couple as they became husband and wife. This is our reward of Aloha for our Hawaii weddings.

hawaii weddings

Diana and Bob after a long dating relationship, 12 wonderful years, she finally said “Yes”. October 26 is a significant date for them, the anniversary of their special day when it all began. The long awaited Hawaii wedding of Diana and Bob on October 26, 2017 began with the arrival of the bride and groom on a white limousine greeted by the Reverend Michael Nelson. Beautiful bride, perfection of her hair and makeover artist, wore a stylish white bridal gown.

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The groom, stylishly dressed, with the addition of his hat. A hat for every occasion is Bob’s passion. Diana loves the bright color of orange and it was a must for her Hawaii wedding day. Her nails were colored orange, her french bouquet was gorgeous with large blooming orange roses. A picture of a loving couple as they strolled hand in hand along the bay, on the way to their beach altar. Their dream is about to begin with a Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

Bob and Diana, relaxed and happy, listened to the distinct sound of the conch shell blown by Reverend Mike. It is an indication of the beginning of an important occasion. All the memories of their years together blended and became one life forever. It is this very special moment, as they say their vows of I will love you forever, that will never be forgotten. The new Bob and Diana have been together for so long that this is a extra special day for them. Hawaii weddings can be a dream come true. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us.


Presenting Presents Acknowledging Presence In Those Hawaii Weddings!


Their presence mattered a lot and hence must be appreciated. The guests that travel all the way down towards Hawaii for your destination themed wedding deserve something more than scenic views and stunning vistas of your destination wedding location. Along with creating a load-full of memories with you, one can add something more to the charm by gifting them with memoirs – the perfect wedding favors, return gifts as you call them because their presence in your present celebrations was a present itself. Yes, there’s a lot more to Hawaiian Weddings than the wedding itself.


It’s time for you to shower them with your love and smother them with delectable memories that brings an ecstatic smile on their face every time they remember your wedding!

The best way to making your wedding favors memorable is by investing into two things greatly:

•Local artefacts, goodies, and gifts.

•Personal touch.

The former maintains the glory of the trip afresh and the latter ensures that your guests know about how important and revered their presence was.
The perfect list is as follows:-

1.Jewelry: Hawaiian Weddings are incomplete without a touch of the local jewelry they provide! Wave pendants are all time favorites and so is the beautiful seashell-laced jewelry that screams happy Hawaii!

2.Customized Fortune Cookies: You might have never thought about this one! But think about that happy and consumed looks on their faces when their fortune tells them something they long for!

3.Miniature Garden: Hell, yes! From miniature cacti to air plants that can be easily settled up into a cutesy glass or small sized fish tanks this might just be the most personalized gift you can give to your guests.

4.Local Delicacies: Your chosen destination wedding locations screams options and varieties! Why not make the most of it? An avid fan of delectable sea-food might as well enjoy special coupons or vouchers or maybe the perfect recipe delivered to them! Food matters. Good food makes the things better.

5.Guilty Pleasure: There is more to look at in Hawaii than beautiful Hawaiian Wedding Dresses. One can make sure that their wedding favor consists of handmade Hawaiian clothes that scream beach life and enjoyment.

6.Booze It Out: Mock-tails? Cocktails? Singing along some happy tales One can actually gift their guests specific drinking delicacies as per their drinking preference. Alcohol for the testers and something beachy and punky for starters! Make the most of this opportunity and introduce your close friends and family to something foreign.

The list is endless. This is what Hawaii does to you! It spoils you rotten because one has so many happy options to choose from and gift bountiful souvenirs to your near and dear ones.

A wedding is all about sharing and caring. Making new bonds and creating relationships that last an eternity. Why not make them memorable with gifts that mean something more significant than a mere formality?

Explore yourself and also the locales and do justice to the money you spent at your destination wedding set in the heart of the welcoming Hawaii.

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Getting Married In Hawaii Is Like Getting Married In Paradise!


Memorable Hawaii Vow Renewals

Hawaii vow renewals are in great demand all year round. However, the most popular months are June, July, and August. All Hawaii wedding planners offer both Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals. Vow renewals are celebration of marriage, or as they say “I would do it all over again”. It is a ceremony of married couples to renew or reaffirm their wedding vows. Historically, popularity of vow renewals began in Italy and became popular in the U. S. in the 1970’s. In Hawaii, Hawaii weddings or destination weddings gained popularity in the last 25 years. Hawaii vow renewals followed and at the present time, in the height of enjoyment, many include their children and family members in the celebration.. Most couples plan a Hawaii vow renewal “just because they love each other, to celebrate love, trust, partnership, and appreciation.” Others have a vow renewal ceremony to repair a broken relationship. Then there are also a celebrations of love, a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony after a severe illness of one partner.

Life is short, love is the greatest meaning of Aloha. This is what Karl and Brittney did on October 19, 2017, they enjoyed a Hawaii vow renewal ceremony, and spread the Aloha with their parents and best friends. They were married 5 years ago this day, eloping to Las Vegas. Life was beautiful, until Brittney got seriously ill. Doctors, hospitals, and stress, but they became closer in heart and soul as partners. Karl planned this event, contacting us to plan a vow renewal at Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park. It was a secret we help keep. Enjoying a vacation trip to Hawaii Brittney looked beautifully tanned. Her outfit and his outfit were matched in color of tan and dark brown. The meeting of Reverend Mike Nelson, their officiant, who always spread the Aloha. Karl decided on a Hawaii vow renewal package with a twist. Double white orchid leis for his bride and Mom, boutonnieres for the guys and shell leis for others. Bridal bouquet was hand made with tropical flowers (at the last minute), flowers from Walmart. Creative thinking outside the box.

A beautiful tradewind day in Hawaii as Reverend Mike began the ceremony with the blowing of the conch. A very memorable and emotional ceremony with tears of joy. As they spoke their own words of vows, memories of the wedding 5 years ago brought smiles along with tears. Leis were presented as a gift of Aloha as the couple was pronounced as the new renewed Karl and Brittney. The beautiful memories were preserved of this special day by images created in photography. Congratulations and Mahalo for sharing your happiness with us.

Outlining The Hawaii Weddings: A Lifelong Affair!

Hawaii- One of the finest places on earth to organize dream weddings. A place so heavenly that comes with all the full-fledged naturally pre-installed features that one could ever dream of! You don’t need to put any strenuous efforts to make Hawaii Weddings successful. All you require to do is to have a proper planning for the same and avail the suitable Hawaii Wedding Packages as per your plans and budget.


Following are the key points you need to make yourself aware of when planning for Hawaii Weddings:-

• The first and foremost thing you need to be ready with is a Marriage License: Yes, it’s the stepping stone to execute any Hawaii Weddings. For a Hawaii resident, it is easier to obtain a marriage license offline from the marriage license office. But if you are a non-Hawaii resident and are looking for a marriage license in Hawaii, then it is available for you to download from the Hawaiian Government official website. In this way, even a non-Hawaii resident can have the taste of authentic Hawaiian weddings.

• It just takes you to choose the right Hawaii Wedding Packages to add the cherry on the cake: Be it the burden of sending invitations to your guests or organizing the Hawaiian Weddings, hiring a wedding planner, deciding wedding locations, accommodations, wedding themes, wedding photography and videography, wedding attires, wedding officiant to perform the marriage, etc., the wedding package that you choose is well facilitated with all of the above inbuilt services thus, shouldering your responsibilities. All you need to do is book a Hawaiian Wedding Package befitting your budget and preferences.

• Wedding locations in Hawaii are an epitome of romanticism and fantasticism. If your wedding is being destined at Hawaii then you have the perfect natural backdrop setting done by nature itself. Large sand stretches of lustful beaches, luscious tropical greenery and flowers, the surreal beauty of innumerous cascades, the sunset beaches as well as those renowned for sunrise settings, warm island breezes, churches or parishes, top-notch hotels and resorts, etc., Hawaii has it all. You just need to plan out and decide with your wedding planner where you want your wedding events to be organized.

• Advantages of getting married in Hawaii-

# If you’re still under the notion that Hawaii Weddings are out of your bucket list then you need to update yourself for there’s an unending list of Hawaii Wedding Packages ready to serve you with the best with their best possible deals.

# The moments captured within the frames are as worth cherishing and reliving, for a lifetime, as those captured by your brain when you actually exhibit a Hawaii wedding.

# The sensual natural background setting and of course the weather makes the Hawaii Weddings exceptionally unique.

# The privacy of such intimate affairs such as the weddings and honeymoons are better secured and restored with a destination Hawaii Weddings.

Besides, what else could be more relishing and exciting than organizing a Hawaiian wedding amidst the Hawaiian natives in their off-beat and unique traditions and customs? The Hawaii Weddings are the once in a lifetime affairs which are worth to be invested in so as to make it the most treasured and priceless lifelong affair!

Hawaii weddings at Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

Our weddings in Hawaii offer three beach wedding locations on the island of Oahu. Although we do not favor any specific site, our choice of the Hawaii weddings this week is beautiful Waimanalo Bay Beach on the windward side of Oahu. It is about a 30-45 minutes drive from Waikiki. A friendly, little town of Waimanalo welcomes you to a beautiful, magical beach, the locals call, Sherwoods. One of the best, serene and romantic. beaches to enjoy your Hawaii weddings or Hawaii vow renewals. To enjoy the serenity, we do wedding ceremonies here on weekdays only. Gorgeous turquoise blue waters, miles of soft, and warm white sands in your toes. a panorama view of the ocean with the Mokulua islands in the distance.

At times it might get a bit breezy, with North/East tradewinds. Quiet Waimanalo is prefered to busy Kailua or Lanikai beach. Waimanalo Bay Beach was chosen by Aisa and Javaughn for their romantic Hawaii wedding on October 18, 2017. They chose our popular and affordable Plumeria wedding package. The bride and groom arrived together with their Mom and a couple of other loved ones. They are a beautiful and happy couple beaming with happiness. Aisa looked gorgeous in a stylish wedding gown highlighted by a colorful floral Haku head lei. Javaughn looked cool in a casual all white outfit. Everyone of their loved ones wore white. With the arrival and Aloha of Reverend Mike Nelson, the celebration begins. With warm soft white sand between their toes, we welcome everyone to the Hawaii wedding ceremony of Aisa Yvette and Javaughn this beautiful day at Waimanalo Bay Beach. We begin with the blowing of the conch, which indicates that something important is about to happen. The greatest meaning of the word Aloha is love, which leads to the commitment called marriage.

Participating in a unity sand ceremony, they begin the mixing of their lives. The intimate wedding vows, the blessings and ring exchange were beautiful. They have the happiest smiles we have ever seen. All ceremonies of Hawaii weddings and Hawaii vow renewals end with the traditional giving of the lei, as a gift of Aloha. A Mr. an Mrs sign appears as Reverend Mike presents the new Javaughn and Aisa. Congratulations and Mahalo for choosing A wedding in Hawaii.

Plan for a Wedding in Hawaii and Let The Paparazzi Set Your Wedding On Fire!

After having done with the checklist of the Beach Wedding Hawaii locations, Hawaii wedding packages, wedding reservations, arrangements and every other little detail; it’s of utmost importance to consider the Hawaii weddings photographers as well in your wedding day to-do list. Planning for a destination wedding of Hawaii is just a stepping stone in making your dream wedding come true. But what acts as a touchstone to the plan of Hawaii weddings is the choice of the wedding photographers that you have made.


Wedding photography is just not going to light up your Beach Wedding Hawaii. It’s rather the creativity behind every single wedding shot of the wedding photographers that adds a beauty to the Hawaii Weddings as well as the framed memories to be cherished forever. After all, it is the pictures only that make us relive the moments again and again. So why not capture them in the best way possible to make these memories a real treat to the eyes even when the years have passed.

The uniqueness and exquisiteness of the destination Hawaii Weddings lie in hosting the marriage ceremonies in the natural backdrop of the exotic Hawaiian Islands in the most traditional ways of the Hawaiian natives. So, don’t ever commit the blunder of asking anyone from your family, friends or acquaintances to carry out the photo shoot for your marriage ceremony. All they would end up in would be a disaster. Therefore, don’t forget to prebook a Hawaiian photographer if all you want to click is the beauty of Hawaii amidst your big day. Believe me; no one can make your destination wedding as grand as these native photographers because this is what they are best at.

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The photographers hired for this very special event are indeed the professional ones who are best equipped and well enhanced with the creative and innovative ideas of capturing the sunset or the sunrise, the cascades, the sandy sunny beach, the lavish tropical flowers, etc. based on the theme of the wedding of Hawaii you are looking for. The professional photographers of Hawaii Weddings better know the way of organizing, presenting, and staging the successive events during a marriage ceremony. Their time precision in capturing the most beautiful moments in no way matches the photography talents of any other amateur photographers.


Now, if you are wondering how to hire the right professional wedding photographer for your destination wedding of Hawaii then just chill and simply make out with the best suitable Hawaiian Wedding Packages available online. All Hawaiian Wedding Packages come with the option of wedding photography and videography done by the professional Hawaiian weddings photographers only. You just have to choose the one as per your budget to have that fairytale wedding for yourself.

Once you are done with selecting the package, do contact with the hired professional photographers for your Beach Wedding Hawaii. Once you make them clear with your wedding plans and setup, the background theme, wedding ideas, and preferences, styles, and poses, just leave everything to them. Let them do the photography miracles through their magical hands and ideas.

Even if you are not a poser or aren’t sure of your style, there’s nothing to worry when you’ve with you the professional Hawaiian wedding photographers for your D-day photography!

With them, you don’t need to excel in the art of posing or styling for your wedding photoshoots. As long as the cameras are being handled by the professional photographers, you’ll by default be made to inherit the art of posing for your Hawaiian Weddings. Having the right people at your service would definitely lend you picture-perfect big-day celebrations.

These professional photographers for the Hawaiian Weddings have got the excellence of making your captured moments do the talk and narrate the mesmerizingly beautiful memories, for the years to come, while the characters in the photographs stand still. You will simply find yourself enjoying your marriage ceremony in the Hawaiian Tomorrowland. All you have to do is to pick your wedding package wisely, the one which has the best of photography services on offer because after years of marriage it will be these pictures only that would remind you of this beautiful phase of life.

Internet Romance leads to many Hawaii Weddings

Beautiful Hawaii weddings, with stories of friendships that began online which developed into love and romance without even meeting in person. In today’s busy world, meeting the right person is difficult. In yesteryear there was something called “pen-pal clubs” which worked like today’s internet. Online technology enables us connection with many professionals and more people. Is it possible to fall in love with a person you have not met?

The success love of story of Sweet and Jason, has brought excitement and happiness with the planning of a Wedding in Hawaii. Sweet who is from the Philippines connected on line with Jason who lives and work in busy San Francisco. Getting to know each was so easy. Friendship developed, it seems they had a lot of things in common as well as similar interests. Eventually, a friendship of comfortable feeling and affection of ” We can talk to each other forever. led to falling in love. Dating on line was brought so much joy for them, being so far away from each other. A romantic plan began to develop, Jason proposed and she agreed to reside with him in San Francisco, California. Deciding to get married in Hawaii was perfect, being the mid point. Contacting a Hawaii wedding planner for romantic Hawaii weddings brought them to us to help make their special day. Date was set for October 17, 2017 (10/17/17) at Kahala Beach.

In the mean time, Jason traveled to meet Sweet and family in the Philippines, a exciting and happy times together. A Hawaii wedding ceremony to become husband and wife was nearly here, a dream come true for Jason and Sweet.

A beautiful Tuesday afternoon in Hawaii, the beautiful and sweet bride, dressed in a stylish white wedding gown with veil arrived with the handsome, tall Jason in black trousers and white long sleeve shirt. A special surprise gift of beautiful leis for the couple was sent by their Mom. A beautiful bouquet of brilliant pink roses and white hydrangea highlighted her pure white gown. Their minister, Rev. Michael Nelson brought his sunshine of Aloha. A green grass Oasis spot was their wedding altar. The blowing of the conch, the commitment of marriage and the Hawaiian unity sand ceremony began this intimate Hawaii wedding ceremony. The emotions with tears of happiness as they said their Vows and exchanged rings, gifts of eternal love. Finally, beautiful white double orchid leis were entwined around their hands, giving a blessing to their marriage. The offering of the gift of Aloha (leis) and kisses on each cheek. The new Jason and Sweet, congratulations and Mahalo for having us. Dreams come true with many pictures as memories. Sweet and Jason will be flying home to San Francisco, the new home for Sweet after their Hawaiian honeymoon. A dream come true and it began as a internet romance.

Hawaii Weddings Ever-after

Their dreams of a Hawaiian adventure trip, planning of romantic Hawaii weddings began in November of 2016 upon their engagement announcement. Shauntinqua and Daven of Anaheim, California, chose the date, October 11, 2017 (10/11/17). We congratulate and thank Daven for calling us for advise on Hawaii wedding planning. What beach wedding location to choose? What is the best day of the week? Choosing a weekday at any beach location in a wise one, a no brainer, a serene atmosphere with few people around. Waialae Beach or also known as Kahala Beach was chosen as their wedding site. A beautiful tropical natural beauty, only fifteen minutes from Waikiki. Shaun and Daven chose our Plumeria Plus package, which includes a luxury limousine ride from their hotel (Queen Kapiolani) to the park and back with champagne.

Only in Hawaii, as they say, this happy couple, a little lost, accidentally met and was befriended by a wonderful Lyft driver at the airport. The Aloha spirit and Ohana began. This wonderful family helped them,” just because”, took them to the hotel, the marriage license place and even grocery shopping the next day. Daven and Shaun invited the whole family, wife, husband and daughter to the wedding to be their witnesses. Aloha, Ohana and Hawaii weddings, what a wonderful wedding story they will be able to tell their children someday.

The wedding of Shauntinqua and Daven, limousine arrives and we present the beautiful bride in her golden champagne gown with white lace designs. Here comes the groom with such a wide happy smile, looking cool in Khaki and white shirt. So smart in choosing slaps to walk in the sand. Met with Aloha by the Reverend Michael Nelson. Joyfully joined by their recently met friends there were so much Aloha. A beautiful day, low tide, a green garden like area for the altar, with the sound of the ocean in the background. A memorable Hawaii wedding ceremony with their new family representing their family at home. The blowing of the conch shell, the unity sand ceremony, and the leis, a gift of Aloha are all part of a Hawaiian wedding ceremony. Most important and heartfelt moments were their very own vows to each other. As they were pronounced the new Daven and Shauntinqua, they were laden with leis of love from their friends. Certificates were signed, many photo images will be enjoyed for years to come. Congratulations and Mahalo for having us. A wonderful beautiful couple. The finale to their Hawaii wedding, a quick picture with their limo, escape with a champagne offer to their hotel. Tonight, celebration at Duke’s in Waikiki. Mahalo and Aloha.