All Inclusive Hawaii Wedding and Vow Renewal Packages

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At A Wedding in Hawaii, we have put together some Hawaii wedding and vow renewal packages that will make your wedding or vow renewal planning easier for you and save you a bit of money. At the very affordable end is the Magic Island Magic Package which is essentially just the minister. You can use the Magic Island Magic to build your own package, adding just those services you want. At the high end is the Big-Fat Hawaii Package which includes just about everything. With all the Hawaii wedding or vow renewal packages the minister already has the service and vows prepared, but you are more than welcome to say something personal to each other during the ceremony. That adds to the romance and meaning of your special moment.

Our goal is to create the ideal beach wedding or vow renewal in Hawaii for all of the couples who hire us. We plan many weddings and vow renewals in Hawaii each year. We would love to help you put together your Hawaii destination wedding or vow renewal celebration.

There are many couples who dream of having a beach wedding or vow renewal in Hawaii. However, they often think they won't be able to afford to make this dream into a reality. Our goal is to help all of our clients have affordable and beautiful weddings and vow renewals in Hawaii. You can learn more about our selection of wedding packages on this page. We truly have something to fit every budget! If you hire us, we will help you plan every aspect of your Hawaii destination wedding or vow renewal, from photography, to limo service, to a venue. We have already made dreams come true for lots of couples, so allow us to help you create your perfect Hawaii destination wedding or vow renewal too!

To book any of our packages a prepayment is required. Please understand that this prepayment is Not Refundable. You can use our Reservation Form or just give us a call.

Magic Island Magic $250 $100 Pre Payment
Perfect for Vow Renewals
Hawaii Licensed Minister
Decorative Certificate
Traditional Hawaiian Lei Exchange
Available at Magic Island only
Plumeria Package $350 $100 Pre Payment
Romance on a smaller budget
Hawaii Licensed Minister
Personalized Copy of Your Vows
Two Fresh Flower Leis
Over 100 professionally edited photos to download included
...and much more!
Plumeria Plus Package $550 $100 Pre Payment
Plumeria Package with sparkle
Hawaii Licensed Minister
Traditional Hawaiian Lei Exchange
Consultation and Advice
Over 100 professionally edited photos to download included
...and much more!
Paradise Package $980 $150 Pre Payment
A few extra luxuries included
Hawaii Licensed Minister
Stretch Limousine Service
Professional Videographer
Over 100 professionally edited photos to download
...and much more!
Hawaiian Package $1,250 $150 Pre Payment
Our most popular package
A Traditional Hawaiian Lei Exchange
Custom Edited DVD
Guitarist/Singer at your ceremony
...and much more!
Big-Fat Hawaii Wedding $1,540 $200 Pre Payment
Paradise with a little over the top
Hawaii Licensed Minister
A Cascade Bouquet and Boutonniere
Hairstyling and Makeup Service
...and much more!

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